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Aerial: Low Level Aerial Work in Langford - Ascent Helicopters

Ascent Helicopters Ltd. intends to do low level aerial work for Fortis BC within Langford city limits.
Fortis BC’s transmission pipeline infrastructure requires monthly aerial patrols to evaluate and report on current activity that may pose a threat to the pipeline, endanger the public, or encroach on the statutory right of way. The infrastructure requiring aerial inspections, including sections within your city limits, is attached. All flights will be conducted in accordance with the Canadian Aviation Regulations.

The intended work is scheduled to occur one day per month from November 01, 2023 until September 30, 2025. Our Transport Canada Flight Permit dates reflect the entirety of our contract to accommodate Fortis BC’s requirements for patrol frequency, additional patrols that may be requested, emergency flights, or monitoring environmental concerns such as flooding or fire. It is expected that under normal circumstances the patrol in your area will be less than 45 minutes in duration and will be conducted during daylight operating hours from 08:30 to 18:00 PST.
Flights will only be conducted over the Fortis BC right of way and primary landing zones will be at established airports or aerodromes. As such, there will be no interruption to the public, nor will there be any increase to public safety.

Ascent Helicopters Ltd. will be using a twin engine, Bell Helicopter 206L4T.

For reference, the intended route is included below.


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