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‘All Food Banks Around Can Use Your Support’: Langford Auction Raises $3.5K For Goldstream Food Bank

‘All Food Banks Around Can Use Your Support’: Langford Auction Raises $3.5K For Goldstream Food Bank

An auction for tickets to Christine Sinclair’s penultimate game held by the City of Langford raised $3,500 for the Goldstream Food Bank.

Scott Goodmanson, Mayor of Langford, says the winner was a “very nice family from up Island and they brought a good group of friends down and they had a great time in the box.”

At the game, Goodmanson says Sinclair spent a lot of time after the match meeting with attendees.

“We don’t have as many tickets as BC Place does, when you look at the intimacy of the field compared to BC Place players were right there. You know, the people in the stands, there’s only six, eight feet to the edge of the field,” Goodmanson said.

“Christine, long, long after the game was over, was still shaking hands and signing autographs for people and they’re just leaning over the fence,” he said. “They’re right there interacting with her, where at BC Place they’re much higher up and away.”

This fundraiser for the Goldstream Food Bank comes at a time of soaring need at food banks right across the country.

“All food banks around can use your support right now,” Goodmanson said. “They’ve said they will take the change in your pocket. It doesn’t have to be huge donations because they will make good use of it.”

Across the country, food banks have seen a 32 per cent increase in visits between March 2022 and 2023. From March 2019 there has been a 78.5 per cent increase, according to Food Banks Canada.

“Food bank visits in March 2023 were at an unprecedented level. The number of visits far surpassed last year’s record-breaking number, despite unemployment rates holding at a steady low during that same period,” Food Banks Canada said in its annual report.

“This record level of usage is consistent with findings from other studies referenced in this report that show increasing numbers of people in Canada are struggling to pay for basic expenses, and that levels of food insecurity are rising dramatically.”

Langford auction raises $3.5K for Goldstream Food Bank (

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