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‘All Harvested By Volunteers’: Langford Farm Celebrates Pumpkin Fest

‘All Harvested By Volunteers’: Langford Farm Celebrates Pumpkin Fest

Pumpkin season has been successful at the Lohbrunner Farms in Langford, according to Ri Blixrud, the owner and operator.

They had a lot of success with “advertising,” she said.

“But we didn’t advertise. One of the radio stations had mentioned Lohbrunner Farms.”

The farm is volunteer-based, but she said they are asking for more help in the future because they have been busier.

“The pumpkins are all harvested by volunteers.”

Royal Bay Secondary School students come in the spring and seed all of the pumpkin plants, she said.

“This will be our last weekend,” said Blixrud.

They have sold over 1,200 pumpkins this year, but have yet to break last year’s record.

“We doubled in sales last year and then I don’t think we’re going to double again, but we’ve sold more pumpkins than last year.”

She said most of the pumpkins had been sold, but the squirrels kept coming and eating some of them.

“They are not getting what they need from the forest. It’s been a hot and dry summer.”

The pumpkins left behind will be donated, she said.

“I don’t think we will have many left, but we give away what we have left.”

‘All harvested by volunteers’: Langford farm celebrates Pumpkin Fest – Goldstream News Gazette (

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