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Brunching in Langford

Brunching in Langford

In some parts of the world and Canada, you may find “ladies who lunch.” In British Columbia, you will find “people who brunch.” Langford is no different. While we can’t boast the best High Tea spots (let’s save that for Victoria), we have a lot to offer our residents and visitors alike with those classic brunch staples like waffles, French toast and let’s not forget, eggs Benedict. Of course, not all brunch spots can rely on the food alone—ambiance is also an essential flavour. In case you can’t decide where to treat you and your family, get a taste of Lanford’s brunch options here!


House of Boateng

House of Boateng is a newer addition to Langford’s restaurant scene but has quickly become a local favourite. You have it all, a simple yet refined décor, classic comfort food with a twist, welcoming staff and an award-winning Executive Chef.

“Akwaaba.” That is what you will see when you find House of Boateng. It is a word of Ghanian origin, and it means “welcome.” Chef Castro Boateng, originally from Ghana, and his wife Charlotte seamlessly infuse Chef Boateng’s heritage into their restaurant’s mission and practice. 
Anyone who enjoys brunch will find something to satisfy them here, including vegan and gluten-free options. Enjoy four fresh twists on the “Benny”—the “Hippie Benny” for a relaxed veggie breaky, “Crab Benny” for a more sophisticated fare, “Vegan Benny” for a conscientious diet and even a “Sweet Yam Benny” for those who are sweet—that has you covered for four weekends in one month (or four days in one week, there’s no judgment). Of course, they offer more than just Bennies, but the variety alone is worth celebrating.
The dishes are highly creative, you may recognize a name, but the careful mixing of flavours and local ingredients invites your appetite and mind to appreciate different cultures, all the while really showcasing how well they blend together.
Chef Boateng and his team do not shy away from putting their heart and soul into their dishes. They’ve adopted an atmosphere that is there to create those lasting memories. It’s like seeing family; it’s like going home. We see why they call it “House of Boateng”!


Floyd’s Diner

Floyd’s Diner is a complete experience. This restaurant is a poorly kept secret, and we should warn you, there might be a wait time—but it’s worth it!

Once you enter the restaurant, you will step back in time and be seated in a colourful retro booth or a cozy table. The walls are donned with eclectic artworks that can help start conversations or distract you from them, and above the noise of the laughs and chatter, you will hear the notes of rock ‘n roll. For some, being a part of the action to be able to say “I was there” might be enough of a reason to visit, but most people are all about the food.
Look up Floyd’s on the internet, or ask any regular, and you will find that they are famous for “The Mahoney.” Developed by Floyd’s owner, Petr, it is an idea not adopted by most restaurants in the CRD.
So, what is “The Mahoney”? If you like surprises, enjoy trying new foods, and are all-around adventurous, this might be the perfect thing. You won’t know what you get until your server sets the plate down in front of you—that’s right, the kitchen will pick your treat. You won’t only get a surprise of food combinations and flavours, you will also get a surprise in presentation—hand-shaped pancakes, anyone? Perhaps the most fun part of all of this is you might not even have to pay for your meal. You can play it safe and pay the original price, or you can flip a coin and it’s double or nothing. Are you feeling lucky?
Floyd’s menu offers a lot of those Canadian classics that we all know and love. They lovingly honour some of their regulars by naming some dishes after them, which is a testament to the restaurant’s love and appreciation for its customers.
As a final note, to anyone who loves fries, Floyd’s potatoes are delicious any time of day.


Fountain Diner

In the heart of downtown Langford, you’ll find Fountain Diner, an establishment that has been around practically as long as the “City of Langford” itself.

At Fountain Diner, you have the opportunity to enjoy Southern Vancouver Island’s balmy weather all year round on their roadside patio, surrounded by palm trees and lush greenery. On the slight chance of a rainy day in January or February, you can take refuge in their casual, homestyle dining room, where you can admire the collection of hockey jerseys and other retro memorabilia.
Langford culture is deeply embedded in this establishment, a fact that is made clear when you read the menu. Several dishes pay homage to certain locations in Langford and certain people. Like other breakfast and brunch restaurants, eggs Benedict is a must-try on the menu.
Fountain Diner is a nod to the people and families that helped establish this community. It doesn’t shy away from its roots. The menu options are not high-brow; they are straightforward and hearty. The names of the dishes, while imaginative, don’t leave you guessing as to what you are ordering—they get straight to the point. So, sit back, relax, enjoy the view of downtown Langford and tuck in for delicious food that is as honest as you are.


The Rack Westcoast Bistro

Langford warmly welcomes The Rack Bistro to its arsenal of brunch spots and restaurants.

Surrounded by rustic wood trim walls, you’ll be seated at one of their beautiful live-edge tables, complimented with moody, industrial lighting. The results are a timeless yet contemporary take on a style that is so recognizably Canadian and inviting.
They may be new, but they have quickly made an impression on the locals for their food. Each item on the menu has just what you need to fulfill your brunch appetite.
Perhaps one of the biggest selling points for this restaurant is the owners (Cole and Jasmine). For them, it’s all about the personal touch; they have made it a part of their business to get to know their guests to ensure you will be satisfied in spirit and belly with every visit.


Origin Bakery

Calling all those who want a gluten-free alternative, be it for health reasons or lifestyle choices, we have the place for you! Origin Bakery has sweets and treats abound, and everything is gluten-free and tasty!

Located in the new and growing Belmont Market, Origin Bakery offers convenient take-out options for those on the go, and a café model for those who want to enjoy that fresh bread smell and soak up the sun on their flower-lined patio.
Anyone with a sweet tooth will find something to satisfy that craving—muffins, scones, tea cakes, oh my! Or try one of their savoury options, such as their breakfast paninis (only available at the Langford location!) or quiche.
If you needed another reason to check out this place, then let us tell you about Origin Bakery’s participation with the Mealshare charity. With Mealshare, customers can make a donation with their purchase to help feed vulnerable children in our community.
Whatever you’re in the mood for, Langford has you covered! The restaurants above are just a small (but excellent) sample of what our great city has to offer. If you haven’t found what you’re looking for quite yet, check out Langford’s Dining Directory for more ideas! Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going out for brunch!