Each year, the City drafts and approves the Five-Year Financial Plan. Residents are encouraged to attend and participate in upcoming budget meetings that will help shape the 2024-2028 Financial Plan and provide input to Council. Please review this page for information about key budget timelines and processes, along with supporting documents.

Click here to view historical budget documents, including the City’s financial statements.

Budget process & timing

Public input: 2024 budget
Public input: 2024 budget

Public input: 2024 budget

Attend a Meeting In Person at City Hall, Council Chambers, 3rd Floor, 877 Goldstream Avenue

Attend a Meeting On-line Langford.ca/Meetings

Hand Deliver or Mail a Letter to:
Langford City Hall
2nd Floor, 877 Goldstream Avenue
Langford, British Columbia, Canada V9B 2X8

Send an Email to budget2024@langford.ca


Privacy policy

Please note that the opinions you express orally, and any presentations you submit to the City of Langford, will be webcast live and will be recorded to form part of the public record. Correspondence you submit with respect to public hearing items will also form part of the public record and will be published on the agenda. The City of Langford considers your address relevant to matters on the agenda and will disclose this personal information as it informs Council’s consideration of your opinion in relation to the subject matter. This is authorized under section 26(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FOIPPA”). Your phone number and email address will not be disclosed.

For further information on FOIPPA, please email FOI@langford.ca