The City of Langford welcomes sustainable development that fits within our Official Community Plan. Well known for two-day permit turnaround time, City staff are happy to assist you throughout the permit process, and with any questions you may have.

All contractors doing work in the City of Langford require a valid business license.


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Development Calculator

The online calculator is a useful tool to help the general public, applicants, and developers interested in developing land in the City of Langford to estimate the cost of fees and development cost charges. Currently, the calculator can provide estimates for Development Cost Charges and for Building Permits. In the future we will be adding an estimator for Planning-related fees as well.

Please note that the fees and costs illustrated by this calculator are only estimations. It is recommended that you meet with City Hall staff to properly assess your development and determine the actual costs and fees. You may also call City Hall at (250) 478-7882.

Development Calculator

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