Department overview

The Planning department manages applications for development permits, rezoning land, varying bylaw requirements, and amending the Official Community Plan. The Director of Planning is authorized by Council to issue Development Permits and Sign Permits that conform to the Official Community Plan.

The Planning Department maintains two key documents for the City:

  1. The City’s Official Community Plan and
  2. Langford’s Land Use Regulation – Zoning Bylaw No. 300.

The Official Community Plan (OCP) provides guidance and direction on a variety of topics, from land use and urban design, to housing, transportation, and community facilities. The OCP helps Council, staff and citizens make decisions on where to locate housing, identify transportation priorities, and the provision of municipal services. The Zoning Bylaw establishes regulations for the development of land in the City of Langford.

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Application forms

The Planning department oversees applications for rezoning land or varying bylaw requirements through the Development Variance Permit process.

Please use this form to apply for the following:

  • Development Permit
  • Development Variance Permit
  • Temporary use Permit
  • Duplex
  • Rezoning
  • OCP Amendment

Please use this form to apply for:

  • Sign Permit

Secondary suites

The following has been prepared as an informational guide for persons wishing to better understand the process for creating a secondary suite in an existing home. It provides general information and is not intended to replace the Zoning Bylaw or BC Building Code requirements. If you require further information or clarification, please contact the City of Langford at (250) 478-7882.


A subdivision is the legal mechanism towards the creation of new parcels of land. It involves the division of an existing parcel into two or more parcels and can include re-alignment of existing property lines, creation of building and bare land strata lots, long-term leases (three years or more), building stratas, and air space parcels.

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Tree removal

Before removing a tree or vegetation in the City of Langford, please read this vital information regarding the City’s stance toward the issue on private and public property.

Short-term rentals

The Short-Term Rental Accommodation Act has received royal assent. The City of Langford does not currently regulate short-term rentals; however, property owners are encouraged to visit the Provincial website for further information. Provincial Government Policy Guidance.

Building Cities Better with Brent Toderian

On May 17th, 2023, the City of Langford hosted a free presentation by Brent Toderian, an internationally respected practitioner and thought leader on urbanism and city building with over 30 years of experience. He spoke about how cities like Langford can address both climate action and housing need through good urban design, active transportation, and place-making. View the recording below.

Dr. Avi Friedman: a Vision for Downtown Langford

On March 5, 2022, the City of Langford was pleased to host a special virtual presentation by Dr. Avi Friedman, Professor of Architecture, McGill University, and author of the 2018 Vision Plan for Downtown Langford. Dr. Friedman has been an invaluable resource for the City of Langford and his ideas and expertise have helped guide and shape the way that the City functions and thrives. View the recording below.