a city surrounded by nature.

Over the last 20 years, Langford has fostered leading-edge investment, provided exciting business development opportunities and offered ever-expanding options for innovation and community development.


Through recently upgraded and well-maintained airports, floatplanes facilities, ferries, highways, public transit, bike lanes and trails, the Capital Region and of the City of Langford are well-connected to all of the services and amenities of a major metropolitan city. Our development sites offer easy access to all modes of transportation, including an international airport, as well as fiber connections that ensure employees and customers are connected across the globe.

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The City of Langford’s housing policy is centered on encouraging the availability of housing across a variety of tenure types. The City of Langford values home ownership and strives to ensure affordability by promoting policies that allow for neighbourhoods to rapidly scale to meet demand.

In Langford, housing is a secure investment that offers sustained price growth, and a strong economy to support it. According to the most recent Census data, 75.8% of the population of Langford are home owners. Housing costs for single-detached homes in Langford compare well with many US and Canadian cities, with high-quality homes situated within a remarkable natural setting with direct access to nature and amenities, obtainable to a variety of incomes.

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