The City of Langford has adopted a sustainability-focussed Official Community Plan (OCP), which strives to create a compact, complete community within which residents can meet all of their needs.

This vision is built upon a nodal pattern of development, where growth is directed towards major and minor mixed-use centres strategically located throughout the community along corridors that support alternate modes of transportation, such that all residents have convenient access to a range of jobs, recreational opportunities as well as shopping, services and other amenities. The City has several large master-planned communities that have committed to providing 40% of their lands as green space as well as to incorporate various sustainability measures into their master land use plan and/or individual site development, such as Green Building Certification, reduced potable water usage, district energy systems, and substantial pedestrian and bicycle networks. By implementing this nodal pattern of growth and leveraging opportunities to incorporate sustainability measures into new development, the City of Langford is well on its way to achieving the goals of the OCP.

With regards to District Energy, the City has entered into a Public Private Partnership with Sustainable Services Ltd to operate a district energy system within the Westhills master-planned community. This system incorporates geothermal boreholes installed under Goudy field and also ties into the waste-heat recovery district energy system within the City Centre Park. This system provides heating and cooling within City Centre Park and also provides energy to several hundred nearby homes within Westhills, the energy is distributed through a piped system in the municipal road dedication to each individual house. This was the first-ever system like this installed in Canada.

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