Langford’s economic growth is unparalleled in the Capital Regional District and its’ ability to pivot has earned it accolades against every other city in the province.

Over the years, Langford has attracted large, ever-popular retail stores as well as a wide range of smaller, owner-operated stores and restaurants. What is probably less known, is the hard work that has gone on behind the scenes to develop and attract larger employers who can truly help move the dial for Langford’s employment base. Growth in the business sector provides a strong tax base for the City and diverse employment, shopping and dining options for its residents. The bottom line is Langford is the fastest growing community in BC, offering an affordable and desirable lifestyle with recreational options that attract talent which is important to business owners. The community as a whole and the residents who live and work in Langford are the beneficiaries of this investment and commitment to growth.

Increasingly, Langford attracts investors, business owners, and service providers who share Langford’s vision of a vibrant, sustainable, healthy and family friendly community.

mayor’s message

Since its incorporation in 1992, Langford has focused its main direction on becoming a great place to raise a family, start a business, enjoy recreational opportunities and learn with its recent push to bring post-secondary education to the West Shore region. Langford has worked hard to find ways to innovate, build its economy, grow the employment base and support local businesses. Langford has achieved these goals by building strong partnerships, by reducing red-tape and by continuing to invest in our community, not overtaxing our residents. Langford views the development community, First Nations, sports organizations and the non-profit sector as its community partners. All of these partners have worked hard to diversify the employment base, strengthen the real estate sector and build a more complete community.

Langford’s proactive approach to business development has been part of its mandate for 25 years so it is no coincidence that it is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. Langford has shovel-ready sites, with the required access, utilities and zoning, that are in close proximity to a major population centre, international airport, major highway and mass transit. Moreover, Langford and the Capital Regional have a range of housing options that are more affordable than other urban centers, as well as multiple neighborhoods that can grow over time to accommodate the growth of a thriving business. Lastly, Langford and the Capital Region have the capacity to develop, attract and retain first-class talent, with its proximity to mountains and beaches, diverse cultural opportunities and array of nearby top-rated schools and universities.

Langford is well on its way of being recognized as the sports tourism destination and centre of sports excellence in British Columbia. The completion of the Al Charron Rugby Canada National Training centre; hosting the 2018 HSBC Women’s Rugby Sevens World Series at Westhills Stadium; the 2017 Mountain Bike Canada Cup Series at Bear Mountain the 2019 National Boxing Championships at Bear Mountain and the introduction of the Canadian Premier League also at Westhills Stadium in 2019 are testaments to this. It is these partnerships, facilities and world class events that help to put Langford on the map, attract visitors to the area and help to strengthen the economic diversity of the community.

In closing, Langford always has been and always will be, open for business. For 25 years, we’ve thrived primarily because of the strong partnerships we’ve built with the business community. Langford is also fortunate to have a steadfast and dedicated Council as well as a group of hard working staff at City Hall who in deliver Council’s priorities on public safety, affordability, recreation, parks and growing the local economy – all of which serve to make Langford a great place to call home.

Stewart Young,


economic development committee

The Economic Development Committee has been established as an advisory committee to provide recommendations regarding local and regional economic development within the City of Langford.

To achieve this objective, the EDC reports directly to Darren Kiedyk, Chief Administration Officer and makes recommendations in four economic development sectors;

EDC Committee Chair: Dale Gann
Business and Development: Chaired by Dan Matthews
Business and Development: Chaired by Jim Hartshorne
Technology and Advanced Education: Chaired by Dale Gann
Arts and Culture: Chaired by Kelsey Young
Tourism and Hospitality: Chaired by Steven Baxter
Sports Representative: Chaired by Gareth Rees


attracting & supporting businesses

Whether you are an existing business in Langford looking to expand, need assistance attracting talent or are a new investor to Langford looking to purchase land to develop, want to move, or expand your business to Langford, our team of economic development staff are here to assist! From initial conversations in regards to Langford’s demographics, business district, retail gaps or upcoming projects, or if you are ready to start looking at lease spaces our Manager of Business Development can help you every step of the way. Even after your lease is signed and your business is open, our support does not stop there. The City of Langford takes a hands-on, collaborative approach to supporting our business community – we want you to thrive, not just survive! From marketing campaigns, professional development seminars and cooperative advertising opportunities, the City is here to ensure your success. Afterall, a successful and thriving business community is important to the entire community.

Donna Petrie
Manager of Business Development and Events
Phone: 250.391.3403


“We believe that Langford had the most to offer with respect to lifestyle and amenities for our business and team. the City of Langford has been incredibly easy to work with as we move and build our new headquarters on the west coast.”


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