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City of Langford Announces Eight Infrastructure Upgrade Projects

City of Langford Announces Eight Infrastructure Upgrade Projects

(Langford, B.C.) – On Tuesday, April 16, in partnership with School District #62 (SD62), the City of Langford announced eight significant infrastructure upgrade projects, including six sidewalk infill projects, one multi-use path, and intersection upgrades at Veterans Memorial Parkway and Goldstream Avenue. These projects are focused on providing safer routes to schools and improved connectivity throughout the City, with funding from the City’s General Amenity Fund, SD62, and the Ministry of Transportation’s Active Transportation Grant.

“The City is pleased to be partnering with School District 62, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, and ICBC to improve connectivity throughout the City and provide safer routes to school,” said Langford Mayor Scott Goodmanson. “There are areas throughout the City where key sidewalk connections are either non-existent or incomplete, which discourages students of all ages and abilities from using alternative modes of transportation to get to and from school. Council is committed to providing safe, active transportation infrastructure for all residents, especially for vulnerable users.”

The six sidewalk infill projects and the multi-use path project were identified by the City as areas in need of sidewalks or pathways where development and frontage improvements are not likely to occur in the near future. Many of these projects are designed to help provide safer and more accessible routes to surrounding schools. Improving and expanding active transportation infrastructure and creating awareness and opportunities for transportation mode shift are two priorities included in the City’s first Strategic Plan. The projects announced today support these objectives.

“With the unveiling of enhanced infrastructure around schools and neighbouring communities, the City of Langford reinforces its commitment to safe and accessible active travel routes for both students and residents,” stated Amanda Dowhy, Board Chair of the Sooke School District. “The collaborative partnership between the School District and the City of Langford highlights the power of collective action in creating environments where safety and well-being flourish.”

Funding for these projects is provided through the City’s General Amenity Fund, with $3.195 million budgeted in 2024 and an additional $2.65 million budgeted in 2025. Council is committed to using general amenity funds with the lens of equity to build a more accessible and connected community for all. Whether walking your dog, riding a bike to school or work, going for a run, or meeting a friend or neighbour for a walk, investing in Langford’s long-term infrastructure, make these activities safer and more enjoyable.

In addition to City’s funds, SD62 contributed $250,000 for paved pathway connectivity along Ruth King Elementary School’s street frontage on Matson Road. The City and SD62 are working collaboratively to coordinate the timing of the new modular classroom construction underway at Ruth King with the addition of the new pathway. ICBC has also provided funding through their Road Improvement Program to make school zones more visible and consistent throughout Langford.

“We’re proud to partner with the City of Langford on road improvements that make the community safer for all road users,” said Shabnem Afzal, ICBC’s director of road safety. “Road design is critical to reducing crashes and protecting vulnerable road users, and that’s why we’ll continue to invest in B.C. roads as part of our commitment to road safety.”

Recently the City was awarded a $766,000 grant from the B.C. Active Transportation Infrastructure Grants Program for two important transportation infrastructure projects. The two projects include Bellamy Road Multi-Use Pathway, an extension of the Phelps connector trail connecting Thetis Lake Regional Park to Bellamy link, and Veterans Memorial Parkway intersection improvements at Goldstream Avenue. Funding from these grant programs support the development of active transportation infrastructure for all ages and abilities.

Some projects are shovel-ready and nearing construction, while others are currently in the design phase. All projects are expected to be completed in 2024 and 2025.


Treanor Avenue, from City Gate to 749 Treanor Avenue

  • Sidewalk infill connecting the City Gate community to Lakewood Elementary School
  • Addition of streetlights and drainage improvements

594 to 540 Atkins Road

  • Sidewalk infill in close proximity to Savory Elementary School

Matson Road, from Brock Avenue to Ruth King Elementary School

  • $250,000 contribution from SD62
  • Addition of more formalized parallel parking along Matson Road
  • Coincides with Ruth King Elementary School modular building construction
  • Path and sidewalk infill along Matson Road on Ruth King Elementary School property

Hoylake Avenue

  • Sidewalk Infill connecting to Millstream Elementary School
  • Additional formalized parking scallops

Happy Valley Road, from Englewood Avenue to 3422 Happy Valley Road

  • Sidewalk infill to support safe access to Happy Valley School and the Galloping Goose Trail
  • Crosswalk addition on Hazelwood Road

Glen Lake Road, from Alouette Avenue to Sooke Road

  • Sidewalk infill connecting to existing sidewalk at Belmont Secondary School
  • Bike lane improvements throughout

Bellamy Road, from Treanor Avenue to Bellamy Link

  • Multi-use path in close proximity to Millstream Elementary School

Veterans Memorial Parkway at Goldstream Avenue Intersection

  • Increased pedestrian and cyclist refuge areas
  • Elephant foot crossings for active transportation and micro-mobility riding
  • Review of signalization timing

ICBC’s Contributions for School Zone Consistency

  • Red school zone boxes
  • Vertical schools zone tabs

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