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City of Langford Collaborates with Modo to Bring Low Emission Carshare Fleet to Langford

City of Langford Collaborates with Modo to Bring Low Emission Carshare Fleet to Langford

Langford, BC (June 1, 2021) – The City of Langford and Modo are pleased to announce the addition of three carshare vehicles to the community – two electric vehicles and one hybrid – all of which will be accessible to the public.

Local residents and business members of Modo’s member-owned co-operative will have access to the vehicles during the day, with the City planning to pick up evening use, to optimize utilization. The approach is expected to provide a cost-effective transportation solution to Langford residents and businesses with the low emission fleet further demonstrating the City’s commitments to climate action.

The City of Langford is excited about this multipurpose approach, using carsharing to support part of its operations, while also providing its ever-growing population and flourishing business community an affordable, convenient, and more sustainable alternative to private vehicle ownership. This initiative was made possible by financial contributions from the Langford development community, particularly Westhills Land Development who contributed $150,000.

“Collaborating with Modo allows the City to take an innovative approach to delivering City services, reach our climate action targets as set out in the Official Community Plan, and provide both Langford residents and businesses with another affordable and accessible transportation option.” says Stew Young, Mayor, City of Langford.

“We applaud the City’s vision to bring this win-win solution to its vibrant and growing community,” says Patrick Nangle, CEO at Modo Co-operative. “As we’ve seen in other regions, having mixed uses when it comes to carsharing, helps to maximize the societal, environmental and economic benefits of our service. With the municipality using our cars in the evenings, and residents and businesses accessing them during the day, the City will accomplish exactly that.”

This new shared fleet brings more sustainable transportation options to residents and businesses in the region, which like many other communities, has historically been largely car-dependant. Modo and the City hope this new mobility mode will allow families to shed their second car, and in some cases, live entirely car-free.

The three shared vehicles will conveniently be located in downtown Langford, known to many as the urban core of the West Shore. The carshare co-operative already serves Island residents of Greater Victoria, Nanaimo, Central Saanich and Sidney, with service across the Straight in the Lower Mainland and Okanagan. To help new members get started, Modo is offering $50 in free drive time when joining online with the promo code LANGFORDSHARES.

About Modo
Modo started in 1997 as the first carshare co-operative in the region. To this day, it remains member-owned and driven by people not profit. Modo provides its round trip service to over 20,000 members and 1.000 businesses across the Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland, and Okanagan. Members get access to over 700 cars, trucks, SUVs and vans, with rates starting at just $4 per hour, including gas and insurance.

Modo Contact
Sylvain Celaire
Director of Business Development

City of Langford Contact
Donna Petrie
Manager of Business Development

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