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City of Langford provides update on status of PFC contract negotiations

City of Langford provides update on status of PFC contract negotiations

As previously shared, the City of Langford and PFC have a long-established partnership that brings significant community benefit, and the City wants to see this partnership continue. The City has been working closely with Pacific FC (PFC) to negotiate a new Stadium Use Agreement for another five-year term.

These negotiations were triggered when, on June 30, 2023, PFC did not exercise their unilateral right to renew the Agreement for another five-year term. Council has directed staff to navigate these negotiations with the lens of partnership, community benefit and fiscal responsibility to ensure a positive outcome for PFC, the City, and most importantly, Langford residents.

As part of the negotiations, PFC has stated that the completion of the stadium is critical to the continued growth and long-term viability of the Team and to bring world class events to the region. With this in mind and building on past investments in the Stadium and the relocation of the hydro pole in 2023, Council is including $50,000 in the 2024 Capital Budget for detailed design renderings and class D cost estimates to add at least 2000 additional seats on the north side of the stadium.

At the same time, Council has authorized staff to prepare for a referendum to secure the funding required through long-term borrowing to make the stadium completion a reality. Council believes a referendum will ensure that all residents can have their voice heard on this significant investment.

In addition to the completion of the stadium, Council has supported numerous other amendments to the Stadium Use Agreement that have been requested by PFC, including stadium exclusivity provisions and increased revenue sharing options.

While negotiations are complex and involve numerous intertwined agreements between the City and PFC, the City has presented a mutually beneficial offer of a new five-year Stadium Use Agreement to PFC. The City is optimistic that this will be finalized in the coming days and that PFC will continue to play in Langford for years to come.

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