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City of Langford Takes Action to Protect Safety of Residents at Ridgeview Place

City of Langford Takes Action to Protect Safety of Residents at Ridgeview Place

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(Langford, B.C.) – The City of Langford has revoked the occupancy permit for a rental building located at 2770 Claude Road (RidgeView Place, previously known at Danbrook One) owned by Centurion Apartment Properties Inc. (Centurion) due to ongoing life safety concerns related to the structural design and performance of the building.

This is the second time the City has taken action at this building as a result of serious issues identified by the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of the Province of BC (EGBC).

On April 17, 2023, the City and Centurion received a letter from EGBC regarding a second investigation into the structural engineer of record for the remediation work undertaken by Centurion. The letter provides details of a variety of potential structural design issues that may not have been addressed by the original remediation and concluded that EGBC “has received no evidence that a comprehensive review of the structural design of the Building, or of the as-built structure of the Building, was ever conducted for the Remediation.”

It is the obligation of the building owner (Centurion) and structural engineer of record to ensure that authenticated engineering designs and schedules meet the professional standards of EGBC and the BC Building Code. Local governments across the region and the province rely upon the professional integrity and competencies guaranteed in the professional engineers’, or architects, sign-off for project design and build submissions, often referred to as the “Professional Reliance Model”.

On April 20, 2023, the City notified Centurion of its obligation to:

  • Inform residents;
  • Provide an authenticated assessment from a third party Designated Professional Structural Engineer, registered and in good standing with EGBC, confirming that the building is safe to be occupied pending the completion of any temporary measures; and
  • Conduct a comprehensive Independent Structural Design review of the building and provide timelines for completion.

On April 23, 2023, Centurion notified the City that a third-party engineering firm had completed an initial visual inspection of the building and concluded that the structure is unsafe and, in the interest of public safety, strongly recommend the evacuation of the building until a more detailed analysis can be conducted. As a result, the City made the decision to revoke the occupancy permit and instructed Centurion to notify residents immediately.

Had the City been aware that the building structure was unsafe or that the letters of assurance provided by the structural engineer could not be interpreted as assurances of compliance with the Building Code, the occupancy permit for the building, post-remediation would not have been issued. 

Centurion began notifying residents of RidgeView Place this afternoon of the latest investigation by EGBC including the potential ongoing life-safety risks at the building. It is recommended that all residents vacate the building immediately. As building owner, Centurion is responsible for ensuring residents have the supports they need during this challenging time.

Residents are encouraged to visit for ongoing updates.


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