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How to spend a rainy day in Langford

How to spend a rainy day in Langford

On those days in Langford when it rains, be it in the dead of winter or one of those rare downpours that freshen everything up in the height of summer, what do you do? For some, it’s a perfect excuse to putter around at home, finish up some projects or simply enjoy a good old-fashioned lazy day. While taking it easy and watching the fog roll over Mount Finlayson and Mount Wells is undeniably beautiful, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea and what is a Langfordite to do? Look no further; we have you covered! Continue reading for five suggestions you can do on a rainy day in Langford.

Langford Lanes:
Bowling, a game as retro as it is current. Langford Lanes can provide its guests with nostalgia and fun abounds! They have several nods to the past, from the inviting red and blue glow of the neon lights outside, to the funky light fixtures, diner bar, bright colours covering the walls, adorning the bowling balls inside, the atmosphere is nothing short of how the bowling experience should look or feel.

Play competitively or play for fun. Just starting out? Use a ramp! Want to give everyone a chance at making a strike? Put the bumpers up! Is there really a wrong way to play? Debatable. Feast on snacks and comfort food while you play or save for after. Play your way.

In case you spent the whole rainy weekend relaxing at home, have an evening out at the lanes and enjoy their “Cosmic” bowling, with bright lights and music!

Westhills YMCA (swimming):
If it’s already raining outside, why not embrace the wet with a trip to the swimming pool?! The Westhills YMCA has a fantastic aquatic facility that can satisfy people of all ages and skill levels (lessons are available). Who does not get in the swimming mood at the first whiff of chlorine? Take a wild ride down not one but two water slides! Play with your little ones in the kiddie pool, venture down the lazy river or give yourself a full-body workout with their full-length lap pool. If you are just looking to relax or wanting to wind down from your hours of water fun, don’t forget the hot tub, complete with jets to ease those tired muscles.

Odeon Cineplex:
What better way to escape the grey and dreariness of BC rain than to be immersed in the suspended reality of cinematic film? Soak in the experience (pun intended) of going to the movies from the very moment you enter the door – mood lighting in the main lobby, rich colours of red, gold and blue to subliminally announce you are about to witness Hollywood royalty and be sure to look at your feet every now and then as you might be standing on a star – the next best thing if you can’t make it to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Do you know what to see before you arrive? Or perhaps choosing a film when you arrive is part of the excitement. Once your tickets are in hand, do not forget the concession counter – who doesn’t love some popcorn? Maybe you are more of a hot dog kind of person. Why don’t you splurge with a combo? Once you’re equipped for this adventure, it’s time to head into the theatre, pick the best seat, sit back and lose yourself in the movie magic. Maybe by now you have already forgotten it’s raining!

Shopping: Westshore Town Centre/ Millstream Village/ Belmont Market
Beat the slump that comes from rain with a bit of retail therapy! Langford has many shopping spots, but with Westshore Town Centre being almost completely indoors, it is a premium shopping destination to skip the rain entirely. Westshore Town Centre is a one-stop shop for all your retail needs, including Winners; smaller fashion outlets like Gap, Ardene and Marks; beauty and wellness establishments like Tommy Gun’s, Elegance Nails; health offices like Westshore Dental and Life Labs; and Fairway Market. Westshore Town Centre is bustling with activity and it is not limited to only inside the mall. There are many other shops located on the outside perimeter (including some mentioned above) and around the whole complex – particularly if you are on the hunt for food in the form of groceries or a restaurant. The thing to note is, if you have to step out into the rain as you move to your next shop, you will not have to brave the elements for very long.

The other shopping areas are technically outdoors but are close together so you will be intermittently in the rain as you explore and shop till you drop! Millstream Village offers shopping for those brands that are well known and well used. Department store? Check out newly opened Marshalls. Need craft supplies? Visit Michaels! Golf equipment? We have Golf Town! And there are even more businesses to visit. Millstream Village has nearly everything you could need or want.

Belmont Market is one of Langford’s newest residential and commercial developments. Similar to Millstream Village, there are no covered indoor common areas (unlike the mall), but all the shops and restaurants are a hop, skip and jump away. At Belmont Market, there are many places to dine, like MOD Pizza, Origin Bakery, as well as some classic fast-food chains, but there are also a few local businesses and boutiques, like True Boutique for fashion, Eye Etiquette for trendy eyewear, Oxygen Yoga and Fitness for health and wellness or Lustre of Pearl for a personal pampering.

Flynn’s VR:
For something unique, experience life in the world of virtual reality! Flynn’s VR is described as a “Virtual Reality Arcade” and has over 95 games to choose from. They have many different types of games to offer, from sports, action, even games based on films and stories. Bookings are made by the hour and by how many people attending. They also offer birthday parties and event bookings for larger groups. Flynn’s is a perfect activity on a rainy day (or whenever you fancy), as once you and the headset become one, you have the power to transform how you perceive the world, thus eliminating any rain or “blah” that was overpowering the mood. Be mindful that they require guests book ahead of time (spots can fill quickly as Flynn’s is a popular place).

There are many things you can do in Langford on a rainy day! Sometimes just getting out of the house is exactly what people need to lift spirits and brighten days. Eating out or getting a takeaway might do just the trick. Sometimes retail therapy, such as buying that summer dress to remind you that nicer days are coming, is the perfect medicine. Langford is here to supply the fun, the shopping (and all the food) for whenever you want to get out of the house and explore this amazing city, come rain or shine!