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‘Like Christmas Has Come in July’: New Langford Fire Engine Arrives

‘Like Christmas Has Come in July’: New Langford Fire Engine Arrives

Langford’s new fire engine arrived at the station on Peatt Road on Thursday (Aug. 17).

The custom pumper truck was fully built by Hub Fire Engines in Abbotsford, whereas previous trucks have usually arrived needing some additions before they can enter service.

The truck will replace the department’s 2007 Pierce Contender Engine and, after some final adjustments, should be ready for service within the month, according to Langford Fire Chief Chris Aubrey. The department has bought several replacement trucks in recent years, aiming to have a more consistent design between their different engines.

“It used to be a bit of a challenge if a truck was out on maintenance and we got one in to cover but it was a different set-up,” said Aubrey. “That’s why we’re trying to standardize the fleet – it helps with training and maintenance.”

Costs have skyrocketed for fire engines in recent years in part due to the economy-wide challenges to supply chains and inflation, plus constantly evolving national standards for fire equipment, which alter designs slightly and can add to costs.

Delays have also come, according to Aubrey, with a new truck usually taking around a year to arrive, but this truck taking closer to two. Luckily, the timing has worked out for Langford’s department to receive an influx of new equipment.

“It’s like Christmas has come in July.”

A new ladder truck arrived in February to replace the 1998 E-One model.

Aubrey said these trucks should be in service for 20 years.

“It’s vitally important we have modern equipment to serve the modern, growing city we have,” said Aubrey.

“Most firefighters remember big fires but a lot also remember the apparatus they worked on too – they’re as much a part of the department as the firefighters themselves.”

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‘Like Christmas has come in July’: new Langford fire engine arrives – Goldstream News Gazette (

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