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Luxton Fall Fair Brings Smiles and Farming fun to Rainy Day in Langford

Luxton Fall Fair Brings Smiles and Farming fun to Rainy Day in Langford

Dreary skies couldn’t put a damper on the Luxton Fall Fair on Saturday as people explored agricultural exhibits and rain boot-wearing kids smiled wide while flying through the air on various midway rides.

The Metchosin Farmers Institute and the Luxton Fair Committee welcomed attendees to enjoy the rides, games, fair food and local artisans at the Langford fairgrounds all weekend.

The event gives fair-goers the chance to support local food security, businesses and community groups while learning about the area’s past and celebrating its agriculture.

Al Cox has been coming to local fairs since the ‘60s and watched on as two of his grandchildren spun around atop the miniature motorcycles of the Hog Rally ride.

“It’s wonderful, it’s the greatest enjoyment,” the Colwood resident said of watching his grandchildren having fun on the rides. “The kids are just learning of the fun right now.”

David Stevens grinds apples for cider at the Luxton Fall Fair on Sept. 23. (Jake Romphf/News Staff)

David Stevens was grinding Lohbrunner Community Farm apples through a wooden machine to churn out fresh cider for people to sample.

“As you can see there’s a lot of apples to process here,” he said of the fruits filling the crates around him.

The afternoon showers didn’t scare off people who poured into the fairgrounds, while the event leaned into the wet conditions with rides belting out Milli Vanilli’s Blame It On the Rain.

Alison LeDuc was using the fair day to get the word out about the important waterways running through much of the West Shore communities. She and other members of the Bilston Watershed Protection Association had in recent days heard from a biologist who found a local creek holding enough water to support trout.

“We just want people to know that they live in a watershed,” LeDuc said. “We have something that other communities are having to restore.”

“Our watershed is in better shape than a lot of others so we just want to be able to save it and save the habitat and make it hospitable for all the species that live here.”

The fair, located at 1040 Marwood Ave, runs until 10 p.m. on Saturday and from noon to 6 p.m. Sunday.

Luxton Fall Fair brings smiles and farming fun to rainy day in Langford – Sooke News Mirror

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