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New Skate Park Officially Coming to West Shore After Years of Planning

New Skate Park Officially Coming to West Shore After Years of Planning

After more than six years of campaigning by community members, a new skate park is officially coming to the West Shore.

The West Shore Parks & Recreation Society (WSPRS) announced Friday that the Vancouver-based New Line Skateparks group will be building the new park in Colwood, B.C.

The 13,000-square-foot skate park is estimated to open in March 2023 in plot of land adjacent to the West Shore Parks & Recreation Centre.

The proposed skatepark location is shown. (CTV News)

The announcement was welcome news to groups that have been working for more than six years to open a new skate park in the region, after the area’s previous skate park closed down in 2015.

“On behalf of the youth and young at heart, the Westshore Skatepark Coalition is stoked to announce that we are finally at this stage,” said Jimmy Miller, president of the West Shore Skatepark Coalition.

“While our journey is not yet complete, the ending is oh so near, and we can’t wait to roll on some rad new terrain.”

A rendering of the proposed skatepark is shown: (Westshore Skatepark Coalition)

The WSPRS says the new skate park will serve as a “key piece of recreational infrastructure” for the nearly 84,000 people who live in the West Shore.

“Mental and physical health are intertwined, even more so for young minds; with this new infrastructure being brought to our communities, we will once again have a safe gathering place for youth to socialize, be physically active and gain confidence as they develop their skills,” said Kyara Kahakauwila, WSPRS board chair.

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