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Public Engagement Open For Langford’s First-ever Strategic Plan

Public Engagement Open For Langford’s First-ever Strategic Plan

The City of Langford has completed a draft of its first-ever strategic plan and is inviting the public to have their say before council formally adopts it.

The living document aims to set out the city’s overall goals for the next five years in a wide range of subjects and is intended to be updated and revised annually.

On Wednesday (Oct. 4), the city held the first public engagement session on the plan with an open house at the Eagle Ridge Community Centre, where residents could explore information displays on the plan’s key points, talk to staff and council representatives, and provide their feedback and ideas.

“Langford has grown and changed a lot, and we definitely need a strategic plan to guide us,” said Coun. Mary Wagner at the open house. “There are things in it I think every city should have. Developing a transportation plan, a climate action plan, parks management plan. It sounds like a plan for plans, but really that’s how you get work done at city hall. Council provides direction, city staff do the work, and the way we can guide that work the best is to have really good planning.”

The plan outlines general timelines for each item highlighted in it, and notes whether the item has been funded, partially funded or yet to be funded.

While the topics covered by the plan are diverse, Wagner said a consistent theme in the plan itself and the process that is creating it is public engagement.

Beyond the online and in-person engagement on the plan itself throughout October, she said council plans on seeking public engagement to work out the specifics of many of the individual items within it.

“There is a real craving for the public to be involved in the process of building the community,” said Wagner. “I’m curious to hear what people really care about the most … this is the time to have your say.”

The public is invited to review and provide feedback on the draft strategic plan either in person Saturday (Oct. 7) at the Goldstream Farmers Market from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. or at Poncho’s Cafe on Oct. 10 from 10 a.m. to noon. Online feedback can be provided any time before Oct. 15 at

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