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Relocation of BC Hydro Transmission Towers Along Langford Parkway

Relocation of BC Hydro Transmission Towers Along Langford Parkway


Timeline: November 2022 to March 2023

Location: 2985 Leigh Place & 1089 Langford Parkway

Click here to read the March 5 to March 31 Traffic Advisory.

Please read below for information regarding the project plans and timelines for the relocation of the BC Hydro transmission towers located at Starlight Stadium, and in the Eagle Ridge Arena parking lot also along Langford Parkway.

In October 2021, City of Langford Council approved the relocation of the transmission tower located within the Starlight Stadium footprint to the north side of Langford Parkway to ensure public safety, and provide unrestricted access to the Stadium for both community and professional user groups.

The tower located within the Stadium will be replaced with a new tower across the Parkway to an area between the railway tracks and the parking lot off Leigh Place. This relocation will also require the replacement of the tower located near the roundabout on Langford Parkway south of Leigh Road. The preliminary civil work is scheduled to start in early November with site preparation work lasting approximately five days. Construction work has commenced and will continue through to early spring 2023, with the installation of the new tower and relocation of the lines in March 2023.

We anticipate minimal traffic interruptions along Langford Parkway during this process, and there are no planned power outages for any stage of the work.


Yari Nielsen

City of Langford, Director of Parks, Recreation and Facilities

(250) 478-7882 |

Ted Olynyk

BC Hydro, Community Relations

250-755-7180 |

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