Happy Valley is both Langford’s agricultural, rural heart, and a tightening residential neighbourhood. Extending south from Glen Lake, one of three lakes in Langford, to the border of the District of Metchosin, Happy Valley encompasses Agricultural Land Reserves, Luxton Fairgrounds, and the Galloping Goose Trail.

Much of the local flavour that can be sampled from the Goldstream Farmers Market is grown or crafted in Happy Valley gardens, farms, and workshops. Happy Valley is one of Langford’s oldest neighbourhoods and where much of the new residential construction is occurring.

Residential developments are scattered throughout Happy Valley, with much of it concentrated in the north around the quaint commercial district surrounding Langford Fire Rescue’s Station No. 2 beside Glen Lake. Happy Valley Elementary serves the area and is one of the school district’s most modern facilities.

Affordable Housing Program

Since 2004, the City of Langford’s Affordable Housing Program has provided families with lower-income housing in Langford’s many new housing developments.

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