South Skirt Mountain is one of north Langford’s newest neighbourhood. Under development, South Skirt Mountain will be an environmentally sound and sustainable community close to Millstream Village, north Langford’s commercial hub.

At South Skirt Mountain, a tight-knit community is being developed with pedestrian plazas surrounded by street side store fronts housed below condominiums. Multi- and single-family dwellings terrace outwards from these plazas in close clusters and foster a sense of community. Garry oak meadows, arbutus copses, and evergreens create a forested atmosphere for environmentally-curious kids and meditative adults alike.

Florence Lake and Langford Lake are both just minutes away for your enjoyment!

Affordable Housing Program

Since 2004, the City of Langford’s Affordable Housing Program has provided families with lower-income housing in Langford’s many new housing developments.

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