Bear Mountain Parkway Marble Road Roundabout Uphill to Pinehurst Development

Last updated: December 17, 2021

The last phase of the ultimate works for the Bear Mountain Parkway connection to the Leigh Road Interchange will be tendered and constructed in 2022. This is a Developer funded project. Work will include:

  • Paving the toplift of asphalt that was not placed onto the road when the road was originally opened to traffic in 2017 (the toplift was left off on purpose knowing that developers would have to cut into the road for services).
  • Completion of the sidewalk and boulevard along the upper side of the Parkway – connecting the two existing sections uphill and downhill of this project area
  • Completion of bike lanes

Contact with any questions.

Florence Lake Road Multi Use Path Completion

The City will complete the last missing link of the Florence Lake Road Multi-Use Path this summer. This section must be completed in the driest time of year and is the portion located across the street from #2669 Florence Lake Road where the path diverts into the forest, to complete it directly to McCallum Road.

Work will be completed by Fall 2022

Millstream Road Improvement Project

Last Updated: March 2022

The City began the Millstream Road Improvement Project on Monday June 21st. The project has been awarded to Scansa Construction. This project includes frontage improvements for the former Western Speedway property as well as the new subdivision on the west side of Millstream Road, south of Bear Mountain Parkway. The project is slated to complete in the late Spring of 2022 after additional stormwater improvements and BC Hydro improvements were added after the project began.

The project will include the following improvements from just north of Bear Mountain Parkway to 2241 Millstream Road (south of Nirwan Place, north of Goldie Avenue):

  • A new roundabout on Millstream Road at Bear Mountain Parkway
  • Additional driving lanes, one northbound, one southbound
  • Dedicated bikelanes
  • Sidewalks on both sides of the road
  • Boulevard landscaping
  • Additional streetlights
  • The pedestrian crossing on Millstream Road at Goldie Avenue is temporary for construction purposes only. Please obey the 30km/h construction speed limit

The contractor will be working Mondays to Fridays. Lane closures are not permitted before 9:00am in the morning to allow commuter traffic to get out to work on these days. The contractor can work as late as 10pm however they only anticipate doing that on rare occasions if needed.

Contact with any questions.

Project Drawing

Sewer Extension Projects

Last updated: August 2022

Our Capital Projects for 2022/2023 include the following streets:

  • Rita Road
  • Furber Rd
  • Karr Rd
  • Sybronden Rd
  • Kingsgate Dr
  • Extension to 2936/2940 Irwin Road

For sewer connection information please contact West Shore Environmental Services (WSES) at: 250-478-2187

Transportation & Planning Projects

Goldstream Ave Water Main Replacement Project

Latoria Rd/Klahanie Dr Traffic Signal & Pedestrian Improvements Project

Last Updated: October, 2023

The Latoria Rd/Klahanie Dr traffic signal & Pedestrian Improvements project is currently under construction and includes the following:

  • A new traffic signal at the intersection of Latoria Road and Klahanie Drive. This signal will also accommodate for the future driveway to the South Langford Elementary School that is currently under construction (insert proper name and anticipated opening).
  • Sidewalk, curb, lighting, and boulevard improvements along the north side of Latoria Road
  • New asphalt overlay through the Latoria and Klahanie intersection.
  • Pedestrian improvements along Klahanie Drive – 3m wide protected multi use pathway from Latoria Road to Ashbury Drive

These works are all to improve traffic and pedestrian safety in anticipation of the new elementary school by providing safe routes and connectivity along Klahanie and Latoria.