Updated: March 14, 2022

The City has several ways to ascertain traffic volumes/flows. Each rezoning might be unique depending on how recently we have data and if there is an amendment to the OCP or if it meets the intent of the OCP and is just a rezoning.

Here are some examples:
The City maintains a computerized traffic model held by a local consulting firm. That model was calibrated in 2017 to the OCP on a per lot basis. Following 2017 the City updates specific areas with real-time traffic data using any of several options such as:

  • traditional traffic tube counts where tubes go onto a road
  • use of a device that the City can mount on the side of the road (this is especially helpful to record speeds)
  • downloading data from certain signal lights
  • manual counts that we ask the rezoning applicant to do if necessary (where they literally stand on the side of the road in peak traffic times)

In addition to the above the City reviews the overall road network to see what general improvements can be made by the City or specifically by the developer. For example in 2021, the City constructed two new road connections into the core area west of Veterans Memorial parkway, south of the TCH, north of Goldstream Avenue and east of Jacklin Road. They are the Larkhall connector with the related Brock/Peatt roundabout and the Massie Avenue connector. The City can also make roads right-in/right-out for example to “force” traffic a certain way.

Staff also keep in mind that:

  • increased density produces better chances of increased transit service –increased density makes transit a more viable/economical option for BC Transit to provide service to the area
  • increased density, but with commercial on the main floor, increases amenities in localized neighbourhoods and therefore, reduces travel requirements for that neighbourhood if there are amenities like retail, coffee, grocery stores that they don’t have to drive to

formal reviews

The following is a summary from the past 10 years of the City’s ongoing management of transportation planning and includes both the baseline traffic (existing residents/businesses) and anticipated development

current infrastructure projects
current infrastructure projects

current infrastructure projects

For more specific information on current infrastructure projects in Langford, please visit our infrastructure projects page.

infrastructure projects