Please review the following information before calling our after-hours emergency line. If you have questions, please contact the Engineering Department.


For after-hours public works matters, such as:

  • Dead animals on roads
  • Signs knocked down (other than a Stop sign)
  • Garbage pick up on the road or roadside
  • Overflowing City garbage cans
  • Streetlights burnt out or not functioning
  • Potholes in the road
  • Any other non-emergency item

Please send an email to:  and the matter will be attended to during regular working hours.

Snow removal

If your matter pertains to snow removal, routine snow removal can vary based on amount of snow, presence of multiple events, ambient temperatures. The City clears major routes first, then backwards from there. You may see major routes such as the Parkways, Millstream Road, Goldstream Avenue etc. cleared more than once before much shorter cul-de-sac roads are plowed. This is to ensure emergency response and transit vehicles can get to the greatest population. If your road has not been attended to in the last 48 hours since the snowfall has stopped, please send an email to: 

Road emergency

If there is a road emergency only, such as a Stop/Yield sign completely knocked down, flooding, or a road that is impassable for example due to a tree down on the road, please dial 250-391-3400. Trees on powerlines require removal by BC Hydro, please contact BC Hydro directly for this type of tree removal at 1-800-224-9376.


If your matter pertains to parking on your street please contact the Bylaw Enforcement Department. Their team can visit the area to see if this is a parking infraction or if an additional sign is needed. If an additional sign is needed they will contact the Engineering Department.

Domestic water supply

If your matter relates to your domestic water supply system, please contact the Capital Regional District Integrated Water Services at: Contact us | CRD or after hours at 250-474-9630 unless you live in the Westhills Development which is serviced by SSL call 250-391-7260 or 250-391-7268.


If your matter relates to your sanitary sewer pipe you should contact Westshore Environmental Services directly. Do not call the Fire Department for sanitary sewer concerns. The 24 hour number is 1-855-244-7808

The Engineering Department
The Engineering Department

The Engineering Department

Langford’s Engineering Department serves your needs in several aspects of community building: construction activities related to subdivision and capital projects/public infrastructure and public works such as road maintenance and repairs, as well as the City of Langford’s ongoing beautification efforts. Fore more information on the Engineering Department or other City Hall Departments, visit our Departments page.