Langford Fire Rescue has been City of Langford’s primary fire and rescue organization since 1947.

Langford Fire Rescue is a composite department made up of both IAFF and volunteer members who care passionately about their community. Over 60-members strong, Langford Fire Rescue is a full-service department that provides a variety of services including fire fighting, motor vehicle incidents and water rescue.

Langford Fire Rescue prides itself not only in our responsibility to our community’s safety but also the welfare of those within and beyond our city limits.

The members of Langford Fire Rescue are as caring as they are professional in their duties. Numerous charities benefit from Langford Fire Rescue fundraising drives. Through classic firefighter initiatives like the Boot Drive, Langford Fire Rescue supports numerous charities, in particular Muscular Dystrophy Canada which has been the main beneficiary of Langford Fire Rescue’s fundraising efforts since the 1970s.

The City’s volunteer force has also been an aid leader on an international scale by initiating Canadians Sending Afghanistan Firefighting Equipment (CAN S.A.F.E.). This charitable program collects donated surplus equipment from firefighting departments from across Canada and delivers it, with proper training, to underequipped Afghan firefighters. Read more about the amazing journey Langford Fire Rescue has taken – from grassroots contributions to international training exchanges – through CAN S.A.F.E.

In case of an emergency call 911

Fire Department Reception: (250) 478-9555 (Monday to Friday 8:30 to 4:30)

For information regarding burning regulations, please click here or call (250) 478-9555 during office hours

Campfire permits are available online, here, or by calling 250-478-9555 during office hours.

For any burning complaints please contact Bylaw Enforcement here, or by calling 250-478-7882 during office hours and 250-857-0400 after hours.

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Langford Volunteer Fire Fighters Association

Approximately sixty-two men and women serve as active firefighters with Langford Fire Rescue.  We are a composite department in that we have both career and volunteer members.  Our management and administrative members include the Fire Chief, Deputy Chief, Assistant Chief and the Confidential Assistant to the Fire Chief.  Our career members are represented by the International Association of Fire Fighters, Local 2848 and department volunteers are represented by the Langford Volunteer Firefighter’s Association. All three elements of the department serve the City of Langford in many community functions.

Being a firefighter is much more than just putting out fires. We are very active in the “First Responder” program where we provide pre-hospital care often before an ambulance arrives. We also provide Auto Extrication, Public Education, Rope Rescue, Water Rescue and many more activities for the community.

Become a firefighter


Langford Volunteer Fire Fighters Association partners with both the Justice Institute of British Columbia and Vancouver Island Emergency Response Academy to deliver BC Firefighter Training Standard Firefighter II to Langford volunteer members.

Training for all firefighters is on-going and intensive. In addition to regular training sessions, firefighters actively participate in additional courses (often weekends and evenings) and train to maintain and expand their skills. Regular upkeep of your physical fitness is crucial to your health, safety, and success as a volunteer firefighter.

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