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Rona Re-Opens Renovated Stores in Victoria and Langford

Rona Re-Opens Renovated Stores in Victoria and Langford

Tanara Oliveira/News Staff

Rona has re-opened its renovated stores in Victoria and on the West Shore.

These rejuvenated retail hubs are located in Victoria at 3170 Tillicum Rd. and 850 Langford Pkwy.

This shift from the former Lowe’s brand to the fresh Rona-plus forms a component of a comprehensive strategy aimed at transforming the home improvement shopping experience for Canadians. Beyond the immediate relaunch, it signifies a substantial local investment, reinforcing the commitment to the local communities these stores serve.

From Thursday, Nov. 9, through to Monday, Nov. 13, the stores will treat the local community to a range of special activities as part of their grand opening celebrations. Highlights include an expansive community event featuring engaging kids’ workshops, food offerings,and entertaining performances, all slated for Sunday, Nov. 12, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“For the City of Langford, we’ve lowered over a thousand prices within the store. We are also promising to keep delivering the great customer service and keep serving the community for the next years,” said Ken Beck, store manager of the Langford location. “The biggest change is that we are Canadian-operated now and we do have lower prices. We are giving different choices of product for the costumers to really help them build a better home.”

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