Sarah Zimmer, the owner of LoV, started perfecting the art of eyelash extensions in August of 2016. Lashing Out Victoria focuses on a variety of eyelash extensions styles; including Classic, Blended, Volume, and MEGA Volume. All volume lashes are handmade unless discussed otherwise. Sarah began her training at Heartwood&Co, learning Classic Style Lash Extensions. After she had mastered this she chose to advance her business and skills by learning Blended and Russian Volume Lash Extensions at On Point Academy. Sarah trained at Nova Beauty to learn about lash lifts and tints and how to safely create that natural perfect curl.

In the Spring of 2018, Sarah chose to introduce lash & brow tints as well as spray tans. After researching different spray tanning products and companies for nearly a year, Sarah chose to train with Aviva Labs. We love these products as they are water based opposed to oil. When an oil based tanning agent is used alcohol is usually added to the solution which causes dry skin and patches and the oil can stain. The products we carry do not stain your clothes or sheets, or dry out your skin, and fading is much more even.


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