In June of 2021 we introduced our food truck in Langford – Victoria, Bombay Bites. Our truck is a versatile food service vehicle, specializing in both traditional Indian and street smart food. By combining our expertise of authentic tandoor recepies with essence of Bombay street food making our recepies taste as good as they look.

Since its launch, Bombay Bites as a brand has invested valuable time in researching and finalizing our way of preparing food. The food at Bombay Bites will leave you crave for more because of its unique combination of spices and curries made suitable for your palate. We often have ideas that just aren’t feasible in traditional buffet style services, but those limitations are nonexistent when it comes to a food truck. Some of our favourite offerings have been created by our team having fun and experimenting in the kitchen. Items such as our Chicken Tikka Roll, Butter Chicken Poutine and variety of Sweet Lassies are delicious products that we wouldn’t have been able to serve otherwise. Bombay Bites gave us the flexibility to come up with the opportunity to serve this unique and authentic food to the people of Langford and Victoria.

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855 Langford Pkwy, Victoria, BC V9B 4V5