Enjoy the quiet stillness of the float tank as your mind slows down and your body is freed from the ever present forces of gravity.

Let your body heal from the daily stresses of life, recover from physical injuries, subdue chronic pain and rejuvenate your system after exercise.

Leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Eliminate the noise of busy streets, empty your mind and give yourself the gift of nothing.


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2871 Jacklin Road Victoria, BC V9B 0P3

Our COVID-19 Regulations

As we move forward, post Covid-19, there will be changes with respect to our policies and how our centre operates. What form these changes will take is not entirely clear at the moment and will no doubt depend on what regulatory bodies (VIHA) dictate. But regardless, we are working on new protocols which will ensure your safety when we eventually reopen.

• Clients will be required to sign an amended waiver which will include a Covid-19 questionnaire.
• A hand sanitizing station will be set up at the entrance to our facility.
• Float briefings will no longer be held in the float room, but in an area outside the room where social distancing measures can be adhered to.
• Float session times will be reduced from 90 minutes to 75-80 minutes to allow for more thorough cleaning and room/tank sanitizing between sessions.
• Water filtration systems will run for 30 minutes instead of 20 between sessions.
• Massage therapists will need to wear face masks at all times while with clients.
• Possible face masks and other protective equipment for staff.
• Guests will be asked to keep six feet apart while in the Center.