Multiple Beauty Services at the Same Time The vision for Lustre of Pearl was born from my frustration with my lack of time. I loved having my hair, nails and lashes done, but scheduling everything became a real challenge. Two hours for lash fills, two hours for nail fills and three hours for hair colour appointments is a struggle to book at the best of times. Throw in work, family, gym – and hopefully one day soon – social time – and it makes wanting to have beauty services seem more like a chore than fun. Maybe it wasn’t a problem with the individual services themselves – but the way they were available to me. What if you could have your pedicure done while you were sitting for your colour? Or your manicure while you were having your lashes done? This would not only save time for the appointments themselves, but also the scheduling, driving and finding the non-existent parking spots! I invite you to embrace my new concept, we look forward to seeing you soon. #bepolyglamorous


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