At typical gyms, your workout relies on a class time or your trainer’s schedule. We think it’s about time that changed. We provide members with fun, trainer-guided, kickboxing-style workouts in a circuit format. That means our workouts begin whenever you show up. Because it’s all about YOU. Getting stronger. On YOUR time.


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113-693 Hoffman Avenue, Victori, BC V9B4X1

Our COVID-19 Regulations

As more state and local governments are giving fitness centers the green light to reopen, many of our 9Round studios are back to hosting in-club workouts. The safety of our local communities remains our top priority, so any 9Round studios that are now open are following our stringent brand standards, which are detailed in the updates made on April 29, 2020, and May 15, 2020.

These new brand standards include robust cleaning and sanitization requirements, as well as important physical distancing guidelines.  In addition to our in-club protocols, we are providing members a way to book their workouts in advance, so studios are able to maintain the capacity limits set forth by their local and state governments.

We are extremely grateful for the continued support of the 9Round Nation, and we appreciate your cooperation with these new operating procedures, as it will help us ensure our studios remain a safe environment for working out.