Langford Lake is the City’s largest lake. It also has the most amenities.

Located in the heart of the City of Langford, the lake is a popular swimming, boating, and fishing destination for residents and visitors alike. Numerous boardwalks and shore access points allow for great fishing opportunities while a boat launch on the western shore provides an even better chance to land a trout.

The tranquil Ed Nixon Trail runs along the bank of Langford Lake until it reaches the new swimming beach and an accessible playground. From here you can watch ripples from kayakers’ paddles lap the shore while you wait for the trout to bite. The lake’s several beaches are perfect places to go for a swim in the lake’s cool waters. Water fowl species and turtles can be spotted from the boardwalk and trail system.

There is parking at the eastern end of the lake as well as at the impressive City Centre Park just a stone’s throw away from the lake shore.