Westshore Basketball is a not-for-profit organization started by Curt Spaven in 2005. Westshore Basketball was built on the success of WesComm basketball, long run by Peter Songhurst and Gary Mols. They started with a single boys team and grew quickly. In 2012, Brad Lidstone joined Curt and Westshore Basketball developed to offer basketball to boys and girls from ages 5-17 years old. Local community and school coaches, parents and recent players help Westshore Basketball with programs.

A truly Western Communities organization, Westshore Basketball organizes and created teams to play in the Victoria and District Amateur Basketball League (Night League).  They run a program Westshore Rain, a Timbits soccer inspired program teaching and developing a love for basketball to girls and boys starting in Kindergarten. Westshore Basketball runs skills camps at Winter Break, Spring Break and Summer Break. They run a Spring 3×3 League to give players more chances to play.  Westshore Basketball partners with local High School programs and high level community organizations to give players the ability to play beyond high school and earn scholarships to post-secondary education.

Thanks to local business sponsorship and support, Westshore Basketball programs are high quality and affordable so that all members of the community can participate. They welcome players of all experience levels and abilities.  They develop players to reach their personal best and love of Basketball.