We are medical and health practitioners who assess, treat and rehabilitate musculoskeletal injuries. We can treat and rehabilitate not only sport-related injury, but anything from post-surgical joint replacement to a concussion in a child. We offer Athletic Therapy, Registered Massage Therapy and Kinesiology.

We treat patient education as a key component to a healthy and fast recovery from any injury. A treatment may include: soft tissue release, joint mobilization, physical reconditioning, learning how to prevent re-injury and a take home rehabilitation program.

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Our COVID-19 Regulations

Therapists will be wearing a non-medical mask. Clients/Patients are highly recommended to wear a non-medical mask during treatment. We will provide you with a reusable cloth mask or a single use mask. A reusable mask can be purchased for $5.00 or returned for proper sanitization. They are not covered within your extended benefit plans. Single use masks will be $1.00 each, first one is free.

Though available, please try and use the washroom at home prior to your appointment.

No intra-oral or TMJ treatments will be done at this time.

Please arrive close to your treatment time, no more than 5 minutes before. Please wait outside, in your car or in our waiting area so long as no other patrons are in the waiting area already. We will call you when we are ready for you or we will come get you from the parking lot.

Any hands-off portions of the treatment such as interviewing, will be done 6 feet apart.

One (1) person in the treatment room with the therapist always unless accompanying a minor

Contactless purchases are to be made with our tap machine or payments will made over our billing system with a credit card. We will not be accepting cash payments at this time.

Extra time between clients/patients will be incorporated into the schedule to allow optimal sanitization and cleaning of the treatment room and equipment.

We will ask you to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before and after your appointment.

You will be subject to a screening questionnaire for COVID-19 symptoms at each your appointments.

We will be cautious in taking new patients. And this will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

We thank you for your full cooperation and abiding by the BC health recommendations and protocols.