“Did those tongs touch any wheat?” “Did you use a separate cutting board?”

If you have celiac disease, you will be familiar with these questions, and how it feels to have to ask them. You don’t want to feel picky or demanding, but you don’t want to get sick. We’ve been told that the best thing about Origin it that it’s a place where celiacs can feel normal.

We dreamed up Origin to create better gluten-free products, but also as a place where celiacs could feel normal for awhile, even special! Our vision was to provide food that tasted better and had healthier ingredients than the current market had to offer. Instead of searching the frozen section of the supermarket for rice and starch-based breads, the celiac community could come to us for fresh baked bread without preservatives. We use a variety of over 20 gluten-free ingredients to replace wheat flour, and there are different combinations in each of our products. Our diverse range of breads will not taste similar because we don’t just use a master blend of a few flours. Our cupcakes and pastries are delicious, and nobody will know they’re gluten-free if you decide to share with friends or family. If they do find out, we hope to change some assumptions about gluten-free baking!

You might be surprised to find out that neither of us are celiac. We had been accustomed to catering to special diets, and the idea of creating better products for the celiac community was exciting! Most of all, we just love food and wanted to help celiacs love food too. Is it a lot of work? Yes. Sourcing a large range of safe ingredients isn’t always easy. But it’s worth it to know we’re making you happy, and you never have to ask us “what’s gluten-free?”


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105-3039 Merchant Way Victoria, BC V9B 0W9

Our COVID-19 Regulations

As always, employees will be washing their hands before and after handling any food products, receiving deliveries, using equipment, and interacting with customers picking up orders. Surfaces will be sanitized as needed, and staff will also be following a sanitizing checklist every 30 minutes.

During retail hours, we will be allowing 2 customers inside in the lineup at a time. We ask that customers maintain appropriate distancing of 6 ft apart, and we will have signage to assist in this awareness.

We will have acrylic shields installed by the till, and the staff may wear masks if they choose.
If there is a line-up outside, please practice appropriate distancing of 6 feet apart.

Retail staff will have divided duties, so there will be one person gathering items and another person ringing through the transactions. Please be patient as service may take longer than you are used to.

We will not be accepting cash at this time – debit or credit cards only. You will be able to order and pay ahead from our online store if you prefer before pickup.