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Survey: Westshore Transit Plan Engagement

Survey: Westshore Transit Plan Engagement

BC Transit is working with Westshore municipalities and seeking the public’s feedback on developing an updated Westshore Local Area Transit Plan to help shape future service improvements in the Victoria Regional Transit System.
This engagement will give the public a chance to provide input to help identify service and infrastructure priorities for the Westshore communities in Greater Victoria, which will support transit decision-making and service and infrastructure improvements throughout the local area.
BC Transit is asking for the public’s feedback on service and infrastructure options in this area including:

  • The future Westshore to Downtown RapidBus route and possible station locations
  • Route changes and frequency improvements that could be implemented within the next 12-24 months that would better serve existing high ridership and population areas
  • Improvements that could be implemented over the next three to five years to serve future planned development

Members of the public are invited to provide their feedback through an online survey that will be open for submissions until November 24 at:

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BC Transit communications

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