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The City of Langford-GlobalMedic Relief Team Arrives Home After Initial Humanitarian Aid Mission in Ukraine

The City of Langford-GlobalMedic Relief Team Arrives Home After Initial Humanitarian Aid Mission in Ukraine

(Langford, B.C.) – The relief team of Langford Mayor Stew Young, Langford Fire Chief (Retired) Bob Beckett, GlobalMedic Shawn Carby and volunteer videographer Brendan Strain have arrived safely back in Canada after a successful humanitarian aid mission in the Lutsk region of Ukraine.

The City of Langford has partnered on a project with GlobalMedic and GlobalFire, experienced Canadian charities, to bring food security and firefighting rescue gear to a heavily affected Ukrainian city. To ensure long-term sustainability of the project, the relief team worked with GlobalMedic on the ground in Lutsk to hire displaced Ukrainians to prepare meals and pack and distribute meal kits for those in need. Pallets of fire and rescue gear have been gathered and are on the way to the region.

The team saw firsthand the critical needs in the region after meeting with municipal leaders, school officials, emergency responders and medical personnel. As the war progresses and the desperation for food, medical supplies and rescue equipment increases, so has the team’s resolve to continue and expand this critical aid work.

“Participating in this humanitarian aid mission has been one of the most impactful experiences of my life. It has demonstrated to me that not only are our humanitarian efforts critical, but everything needs to be done to resolve this conflict and provide for everlasting peace,” said Langford Mayor Stew Young. “I am proud to be part of a community that cares deeply about others both at home and abroad. Through their generous support, we were able to deliver critical aid and supplies to those in desperate need.”

To ensure long term connection to the region, four municipalities and their school districts have signed Sister City agreements. From providing support for future needs, promoting cultural and commercial ties, to sharing curriculum and creating a school pen pal program, the agreements will help tie Langford with the Lutsk region for years to come – through the war, through rebuilding and regional recovery. The team encourages other communities and school districts to start their own Sister City project and will provide information on how simple it is to get started.

“Every place we visited, everyone we spoke to, reinforced for me that throughout the world we all want the same for our families and communities. A roof over everyone’s head, food on the table, a future for our children and to live in peace,” said Chief (Ret.) Bob Beckett. “With stocks diminishing and winter looming, and despite their future looking bleak, the peoples’ resolve to defend their families, their country and sovereignty has not waivered.”

The Langford-GlobalMedic Ukraine Humanitarian Project is fully funded through generous donations. Funds are still being collected to support the on-going meal preparation and delivery operation in Lutsk, as well as the donation of firefighting and rescue equipment to the impacted region. Donations can now be made at A tax receipt will be issued to donors.

By partnering with GlobalMedic, 100% of the funds raised are specifically used for the critical resources identified by this campaign to bring much needed aid to communities under siege. Donations have been matched with a $150,000 grant from the Sprott Foundation.


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