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The Most Resilient City in BC For the Second Year Running!

House of Boateng

For the second straight year, we are pleased to announce that the City of Langford was awarded the Most Economically Resilient City in BC by BC Business Magazine.

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Message from the Mayor

Thank you to all the residents, businesses, employees and other valued stakeholders in making the City of Langford the #1 City in BC in back-to-back years for Best Place for Work and Most Resilient City by BC Magazine. Although the last couple of years continued to be challenging, this ranking is a strong signal that we continue to move in the right direction. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Langford has continued its work to spur investment and new development in core commercial areas. As a community we collectively continue to support each other as a resilient, diverse, and strong community. Everyone should be very proud of this accomplishment and recognition.

Mayor Stew Young – City of Langford

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