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West Shore Seniors Design a Wave of Poppies for Remembrance Day

West Shore Seniors Design a Wave of Poppies for Remembrance Day

Tanara Oliveira/News Staff

A massive sea of poppies to honour the ones who fought for the country offered a breathtaking sight this week.

For those who bravely gave their lives to make sure we can live ours. What started as just an idea during the spring became a poppy wave with over 3,500 made by hand by the members of Juan de Fuca Seniors Centre on the West Shore.

“Me being neither British, nor of a military background, spent some time researching how, what and when. Poppies have always been special to me, and I don’t think we acknowledge our vets properly,” said Ruth Reynolds, coordinator of the Sea of Poppies. “We thought this would be one way we could ensure our members thought of the sacrifices made, by the veterans, and their families. We owe them so much. What little spending a summer making poppies is in comparison.

“The project was portable; it could go with you. We asked everyone to donate their red and black yarn, printed off some patterns and the project was on.”

Over the years, the poppy has transcended its historical roots to become a symbol of remembrance not only for those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the First World War, but also for all individuals who have valiantly laid down their lives in service to their respective countries.

“It was heartwarming to see the members work together on a project, as a team, to honour people we never knew. The smiles grew as did the pile of poppies. And as the project comes to an end, we intend to donate the ocean to the Langford legion for their use,” said Reynolds. “I would like to encourage other senior groups to make their sea and donate to their legion. It shows we shall not forget.”

West Shore seniors design a wave of poppies for Remembrance Day – Goldstream News Gazette (

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