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Where to go Thrifting in Langford

Where to go Thrifting in Langford

There are a lot of reasons to feel good about thrifting. It helps keep usable items out of our landfills and avoids the environmental costs of producing and shipping new products. In particular, clothing accounts for a staggering amount of our waste and the dyeing and treatment processes are a significant contributor of water pollution in the world. Most thrift shops also support a charitable cause, so you are helping do good in your community.

And now that you know you’re doing good for the world and your community, you can’t forget the personal benefits: saving money, getting to explore an ever-changing collection of unique styles and the thrill that comes with any treasure hunt.

Excited yet? Lucky for you, Langford has a variety of thrift stores to choose from, each with its own focus and charm.

A to Z kids
109-2349 Millstream Rd

Kids: constantly growing out of the expensive new clothes and toys you buy them. So what’s not to love about a store that offers good quality used kid’s stuff along with the new items you need as well?
From cribs and bibs to gymnastics suits and rain boots, you’ll be amazed at the selection in this little shop. You’ll find anything you need for kids up to the age of 8, and if it’s still in good condition when your kids grow out of it, sell it again through consignment and receive 40% of the sale price.

They also have a program to donate unsold consignment items to families in need, so you can feel good that when you support this local shop, it’s supporting the community in turn.

Baja Rosi’s
103-797 Goldstream Ave

Baja Rosi’s is not just your average clothing consignment shop. Their collection is carefully curated, so you’ll find only fashionable, in-season attire. The store is bright, welcoming, and feels more like a boutique than a thrift store. If you want some ideas before you go, a selection of their stock is featured on their online store, and they livestream a “Fashion Fridays” event every week to discuss some pieces and tips to create an ensemble.
Have something fashionable collecting dust in your closet? You can get 40% of the sale price when you consign with Baja Rosi’s. their website has everything you need to know about consignment, including what sells best.
Like A to Z Kids, Baja Rosi’s isn’t a charitable organization, but they do donate all their unsold clothes to local charities. Their main charity is the Victoria Pregnancy Centre, which helps individuals and families before, during, and after unplanned pregnancies.

Dragonfly Books
106 – 721 Station Ave

There’s nothing quite like a used bookstore, not even other used bookstores. Unlike the big box bookstores who are always promoting the most recent bestsellers, and you never know what unknown gem you’ll find.

Dragonfly Books offers the best of both worlds, with some new bestsellers and an automated inventory to allow you to quickly find what you’re looking for in the store or in their online shop, but with all the quirks and care you’d expect. They have a collection of staff picks, promote local authors, and even sell some handmade crafts, including bags, quilts, and a variety of small items. If you visit this delightful little bookstore on a regular basis, you’ll be sure to recognize Joanne and Sharon, co-owners and sisters, pretty quick.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore
849 Orono Ave
Thinking it may be time to spruce up your home? Look no further than our local Restore. Start your project with a fresh coat of paint and some new fixtures, upgrade your appliances, and top it off with some home décor for added flare. Oh, and don’t forget all the tools you need along the way. The Restore has it all. They screen their donations, which means you can shop with confidence and should check out the donation page of their website before dropping off your building supplies or nick-knacks that are ready for a new home.

With an atmosphere somewhere between a standard thrift shop and a home depot, it’s always a pleasure to cruise down the aisle and dream about what your home could look like. Then stop dreaming because the prices are reasonable and you’re supporting an important local charity.

Habitat for Humanity helps families build strength, stability, and independence through affordable homeownership. Our Greater Victoria branch builds new homes here while the larger organization has a global impact, improving shelter conditions for one family every 11 minutes. Now that’s something to feel good supporting.

Saint Vincent de Paul
2784 Claude Rd

Saint Vincent de Paul has been active in Greater Victoria since 1914, helping those who are poor, needy, or living with disabilities. Their local initiatives include daycare, affordable housing complexes, a centre to help integrate adults with developmental disabilities into the community, and emergency relief. They opened their first local thrift store in 1953, and over 150 years later, you can visit their Langford location to support their good works.
Their shop on Claude Rd is bright and manages to look tidy despite being filled to the brim with all sorts of second-hand wares. There you can find clothes, household items, electronics, furniture, antiques, and more, all at affordable prices.

They accept donations daily. You can find all the info, including what they accept and when on their website.

The Nifty Thrift Shop
110-694 Goldstream Ave

Quite possibly the niftiest part of The Nifty Thrifty Shop is how it came to be. After her husband retired from the military, to-be store owner Cynthia moved with him and their children to the Philippines and, over time, created a peaceful haven that evolved into a healing retreat for other veterans and first responders with PTSD. You can read more about the registered non-profit program at
The Nifty Thrifty Shop is her way of raising funds for veterans who cannot afford the $500 all-inclusive trip. They offer a variety of men’s and women’s fashion and accessories as well as “shoes, bags, housewares, books, & odds n sods.”

They accept donations and have also started offering consignment for vintage furniture, which adds to their shabby chic atmosphere. Cynthia is a joy to talk to, so be sure to think of the Nifty Thrifty Shop next time you want to update your wardrobe or get the urge to purge.

The Salvation Army Thrift Store
777 Goldstream Ave

Arguably the most well-known and iconic thrift shop around, the Salvation Army is a staple of any thrifting lifestyle. You can find anything at a Salvation Army Thrift Store, and our Langford branch is no exception. They are jam-packed with clothes, jewelry, furniture, housewares, electronics, books, games, artwork, candles, baskets, nick nacks, and the list goes on.
Cue the thrill of the treasure hunt because there are some true gems to be found, and always at a very reasonable price. They also offer a discount for seniors over the age of 60, provide coupons when you drop off donations, and offer vouchers for those who need a little extra help.

The Thrift Store has an impressive impact on the communities they operate in. In 2019 alone, they raised $816,733 for Salvation Army initiatives and diverted 86,298,351 lbs of clothing & textiles, household items, electronics & metal, and books, paper & pulp from landfills.

No matter what you are looking for or what your budget, there’s something at one of the Langford thrift stores for you. Feel good about supporting our community, local charities, and small businesses. Feel good about protecting the environment. Feel good about refreshing your look, updating your home, or enriching your life with entertainment and hobbies. In Langford, there are lots of opportunities to feel good about thrifting!