Fall and winter weather reminders

The City of Langford’s Engineering Department reminds all residents to be prepared for rain, snow and inclement weather.

Person standing on sandbags
Person standing on sandbags

Property maintenance

Property owners are responsible for disposing of yard waste, like branches and leaves, and clearing the driveway culvert fronting the property.

Maintain your Drain and Culverts

Flooding issues can be easily avoided by cleaning up leaves before they clog drains. The City asks residents to help improve stormwater flow in their neighbourhoods by removing leaves and debris from the on-street catch basins and culverts near their homes. If standing water continues to be an issue after removing leaves from the drains, please contact the Engineering Department.


With the changing weather and increase in windy days, please secure your recycling to avoid having debris scattered around the neighbourhood. The property owner is responsible for cleaning up these materials. As well as being unsightly, loose recycling can clog the drains, increasing flooding issues. For more information on CRD Blue Box recycling, please visit the CRD’s website.

CRD Blue Box Recycling

Winter Driving

Please avoid driving during winter conditions and use alternate transportation where possible. We strongly recommend not driving during extreme events. If you must drive, follow the basic driving principles that apply during snowfall or icing conditions. Ensure you have good winter tires, carry tire chains, lower your speed and keep a safe distance from other vehicles. For more information on winter driving in British Columbia, please visit the Province of BC’s website.

Province of BC Winter Driving Information

Snow Clearing

Roads are cleared in the following order:

• 1st priority – Major Roads
• 2nd priority – Steep Hills
• 3rd priority – Collectors, School and Playground Zones
• Lowest priority – Local Roads

During prolonged or heavy snowfall, crews may need to continue maintaining higher-priority roads before attempting lower-priority ones.


To ensure that snow-clearing equipment can navigate the streets safely, do not park on the roadway during periods of snowfall. Owners of vehicles can be subjected to fines and/or tow-away at owners’ expense. If the snow plough cannot pass, your road may not be cleared.


It is the PROPERTY OWNER’S responsibility to clear snow and ice from sidewalks and footpaths adjacent to their property. Please arrange for help in advance if you are away from home or are unable to remove snow and ice. Please volunteer to help if your neighbour or someone needs assistance.

Snow removal FAQs

Helpful snow clearing tips
When clearing your driveway, pile the snow on the left-hand side (facing your house) so the snow plow doesn’t knock the pile back across your driveway apron.