The Langford Station.

Welcome to The Langford Station

Welcome to The Langford Station, an arts and culture district in the heart of downtown Langford. Here you’ll find a creative ecosystem of local artists, retailers and food trucks, and on certain days, live music, events and more! Retailers and artist studios are guaranteed to be open year-round from Thursday to Sunday. Hours differ with each vendor, so please visit each listing below for more details. Outside of these days of the week, you will find food trucks open serving up tasty treats. The Creation Station provides an indoor community space for organizations to host events and workshops, and an event stage will bring local musicians and other performers to the district.

This is just the beginning for The Langford Station; phase two will include sculptures, creative light installations and more! The City is excited to continue working with the local arts community to cultivate an environment for arts and culture in Langford.


720 Station Avenue


The Langford Station is home to six artist studios. Local artists can be found demonstrating their craft and also offer their unique creations for purchase. Studios are based on a 12-month lease, providing a revolving display of local artists at The Langford Station. Click on the images below to learn more about the artists that call The Langford Station home.

Art by Deb

Deborah van Hattem-koff is an artist from Sooke, BC. She has been painting since the age of 4 and is inspired by mermaids, nature, the ocean, wildlife, and love. Art heals, and Deb strives to make “feel-good art.”

Art by Deb Instagram

Grumpy Cartoonist

Julien Pilon is a multi-medium cartoonist and illustrator from Victoria, BC. He is known for his interesting mashups and comedic interpretation in his work. He is currently working on future installments of Monsterella, as well as his own personal projects titled: Foundry and a mini webcomic series called: “The Grumpy Cartoonist.”

Grumpy Cartoonist WebsiteGrumpy Cartoonist Instagram

Hannmade Designs

From Victoria, BC, this mother-daughter duo has always been inspired by their family of artisans. At first for fun, they soon fell in love with the art of resin. They are excited to be working together to bring unique and beautiful creations to life. With a variety of different art forms, such as coasters, charcuterie boards, and wall art, you’re sure to find the perfect piece for your home.

Hannmade Designs Instagram

Maang Creations

Nicole Mandryk is Anishinaabe, Irish and Ukrainian, and her traditional name is Niibinobinesiik which translates to summer thunderbird, and the physical representation is the loon. Nicole is a visual artist inspired by Anishinaabe stories, art, land, language, and songs. She has been beading since 2014 and continues to seek opportunities to grow her art form.

Maang Creations WebsiteMaang Creations Instagram

Sunday Jewelry Co.

Amy Lee Croft is a creative at heart. Showcasing both her Sunday Jewelry Co business and her personal artistic endeavours, she strives to create a comfortable and friendly environment for people to visit and shop. Amy believes in jewelry and art with a cause, which is why she donates a portion of her profits to Mission Blue.

Sunday Jewelry Co. WebsiteSunday Jewelry Co. Instagram

Beth Partridge and Maureen Elmer Collaboration

In our final artist studio, we have a collaboration of two artists sharing the space.

Beth Partridge is an Artist and Art Teacher inspired by her surroundings on Vancouver Island, where she has lived all her life. She has a BFA Honours in Visual Arts from UVic and has been a high school Visual Arts teacher for a number of years. Beth donates a portion of her art sale proceeds to animal welfare organizations.

Prairie girl to the core, Maureen Elmer works in many mediums, but none show her dedication to realism and detail like scratchboard. A fond love of animals and nature drives many of her pieces. After moving to the island in 2018, she has had pieces in both the Sidney and Sooke fine art shows.

apply for an artist studio space

Artist studio spaces are available for a 12-month lease term. The next intake is in January of 2023, with a move-in date of June, 2023. If you’re interested in applying for the next intake, please review and submit the application form below.

Studio Application


At The Langford Station, you’ll find a selection of six different retailers occupying our business incubator spaces. The business incubators are available for a one to three year lease, and provide retailers with the opportunity to try out their business model before committing to a brick and mortar location. Click on the images below to learn more about the businesses at The Langford Station.

Buddha Bear Letterpress

Unique, hand-crafted and individually pressed greeting cards for every occasion. Buddha Bear cards feature original concepts, hand-drawn artwork, eco-friendly materials and compostable packaging. Printed on an antique tabletop platen press, each print created is slightly different, distinct piece of art.

Buddha Bear Letterpress WebsiteBuddha Bear Letterpress Instagram

Cutouts Canada 

Cutouts Canada is passionate about helping create livable spaces that reflect the personalities of those who live in them. They make on-demand, personalized products created in front of your eyes. Wall decals are made of high-quality matte vinyl, which gives your decals a professional, painted look. They also offer laser-cut products and custom design services.

Cutouts Canada  WebsiteCutouts Canada  Instagram

Lillian Hutson Designs

Visit Lillian to smell the sweet aroma of all-natural, locally crafted soaps, sprays and body care products and the locally sourced ingredients they contain. Lillian is passionate about personal health, wellbeing, eco-consciousness and of course our beautiful surrounding area that inspires it all.

Lillian Hutson Designs WebsiteLillian Hutson Designs Instagram was born in Victoria, BC, where Michelle Houghton noticed a demand for stylish ethical clothing & accessories. After many years in wholesale and retail of baby and fashion, she listened to customer feedback and comments while searching for practical and sustainable solutions. The products and services provided by are founded on these values! Instagram

Margaux b. Pottery

Margaux b. Pottery is a female owned, small batch ceramics shop. Each unique piece is handmade and designed for functionality. We have invited a collective of makers to share their work in our space; everything featured in our shop is meant to elevate your home.

Margaux b. Pottery WebsiteMargaux b. Pottery Instagram

Way Cool Goods

Jenna Anderson has created a feel-good rock ‘n’ roll shop. A place where memories are stirred up while folks are perusing the second-hand records and vintage clothes. A spot where people will be inspired by the upcycled garments and art. The shop is a step into a cozy little time warp where the customer can experience some nostalgia.

Way Cool Goods Instagram

apply for a business incubator space

Business incubators are available for one, two or three-year lease terms. Retailers currently renting a business incubator are given priority to renew their lease for a maximum of a three-year term. For more information please contact

Business Incubator Application

food truck vendors

Everyday is different at The Langford Station, with various food trucks onsite daily. A rotation of menu options will be available from the food trucks listed below. Click on the images to learn more.


Fresh food truck with a west coast flair. Serving up our signature Beatrice beef burger with truck-made pickled beets and root veg chips. Check out this truck that is featured in an episode of the 5th season of Eat St. on the Food Network.

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Deadbeetz WebsiteDeadbeetz FacebookDeadbeetz Instagram

Greek on the Street

Open 12:00pm – 7:30pm Wednesday- Sunday

With our Greek on the Street food truck, you can enjoy our signature Greek cuisine on the go! It’s our goal to become your favourite food truck. So, whether you’re in the mood for a vegetarian pita wrap with delicious zucchini and eggplant or you have a craving for a heavenly lamb gyro, we can quash your hunger with our fresh flavours! We are proudly providing Victoria with the same great tasting, authentic Greek food that can be found on every street corner in Greece. Our focus is providing a traditional Greek experience with amazing quality and excellent service. We wouldn’t have it any other way, and if you ask our customers, they’ll tell you the same. We put a lot of love into our Greek cuisine that will make you want to come back for more!

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Greek on the Street WebsiteGreek on the Street Facebook

Mama Ana’s Salvadorean Cuisine

Coming Soon!

Mama Ana’s Salvadorean Cuisine was created to remember our very special lady and the love she had towards food and family. We aim to carry on the same Salvadorean tradition by offering a place where families can come and gain the same sense of togetherness. Bringing community through culture.

Pupusa vendors can be found in the streets of El Salvador on almost every corner in every town. Vendors served as a meeting place to meet, chat and laugh while enjoying great food. It is truly our National dish. Our dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients using authentic Salvadorean recipes. You’ll love our pupusas!

Mama Ana's Salvadorean Cuisine WebsiteMama Ana's Salvadorean Cuisine FacebookMama Ana's Salvadorean Cuisine Instagram

Momma C’s

Coming Soon!

calling all food trucks

The City is looking for interested food trucks to occupy space at the Langford Station. As an arts and culture destination, food trucks at The Langford Station are a part of a vibrant ecosystem of artists and retailers. The Langford Station is a purpose-built area for food trucks, complete with power hook-ups. Five food truck stalls are available for rent on a daily basis. Interested food trucks must apply and be approved by the City of Langford prior to receiving permission to book dates. If you’re interested in applying, please review and submit the application form below.

Food Truck Application

The Langford Station mural project

The City of Langford is commissioning murals for The Langford Station outdoor public space. The goal of this mural project is to create a collection of public art pieces that reflect the community of Langford and to showcase local artists. Click on the images below to learn more about the murals at The Langford Station.

The Welcoming Mural

“As the theme aims to celebrate community, I wanted to depict this through the use of animals. In this design I see the Elk as the main focal point acting as a representation of the area, a welcoming place to come and stay, be safe, and feel welcomed by a vibrant community and surrounding area. I see this mural design as a representation of everyone being welcomed, whether just for a short stay, or if one is putting down roots.”

– artist Claire Crawford

The Welcoming Mural WebsiteThe Welcoming Mural Instagram


“This design symbolizes freedom in a respectful and intentional way. The Indigenous figures Raven, Eagle, Orca, Butterfly, Frog and Salmon represent remind us of who we share our lands, sea and sky with. It honours our diverse backgrounds and how we can navigate in this world in a unified way. Through kindness and generosity, may we continue to share our beautiful gifts with one another.”

– artist Jamin Zuroski

Freedom Website

Best Friend

“This mural is a​ vivid portrait of our best friend companion; the dog. I have selected vibrant, complimentary colours on a black background to emphasize the contrast of the animal features. Throughout the painting I have incorporated an energetic glitch to further allow me to play with colour, composition, and the dynamic energy of the dog.”

– artist Lukas Lundberg

Best Friend WebsiteBest Friend Instagram

Seeing Stars

“This is a continuation of a body of botanical pattern work I have created with peekaboo eyes hidden throughout. When creating botanical patterns I am inspired by the challenge of creating a sense of depth using only flat shapes and textural planes, much like one would see in silkscreening, embroidery and other textile art, and collage art/paper cutouts. The peekaboo eyes have a lot of meaning for me. They signify many things, including a sense of presence and a feeling of aliveness. As for them being hidden, I like how this suggests that there are hidden beings living among us (which is true, as we don’t see all the beings living around us for a number of reasons). I also like that the art can stare back at you, and that you can’t quite tell what you are looking at.”

– artist Kay Gallivan

Seeing Stars WebsiteSeeing Stars Instagram

Star Connection

““Star Connection” is inspired by the meeting and balancing of opposites. Those special moments where it’s not just nighttime and it’s not just daytime. This piece depicts a harmony between differences and the kinship that can be found there.”

– artist Caitlin McDonagh

Star Connection WebsiteStar Connection Facebook

Golden Glow

“This artwork titled Golden Glow is inspired by the beautiful walking trails in Langford. As a child growing up, my family loved to walk in Goldstream Park and Mount Finlayson and I was always amazed by the beauty of the natural surroundings. Now, as an adult, these same trails offer me artistic inspiration as I walk them with my daughter. I created this artwork design to capture the whimsy and tangible energy of the forest, and share it with the community. The artwork features an image of an open trail so the viewer can imagine themselves on the journey. The artwork title and use of the colour golden ochre also references Langford’s history.”

– artist Laura Rechwan

Golden Glow WebsiteGolden Glow FacebookGolden Glow Instagram

Goldstream Return

“Celebrating Goldstream Provincial Park, “Goldstream Return” captures opulent autumn colours, river bed stone, and spawning Chum Salmon.”

– artist Mitchell Chatham

Goldstream Return Website

The Nerdy Byrd

“Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out alive.” – Bugs Bunny

The Nerdy Byrd is my gentle visual reminder to the world that it’s ok to be silly, to be whimsical, to simply not take life too seriously. The world is a complicated place in 2022 – and we could use a little cuteness and silliness to offset that a bit. If this lil’ guy makes you crack a smile (however small) – then he’s done his job in life.”

– artist Julien Pilon

The Nerdy Byrd WebsiteThe Nerdy Byrd Instagram

The Weekend Warriors

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere” – Carl Sagan

The Weekend Warriors is a throwback to my childhood hanging out with my friends. We’d dress up as wizards, knights, thieves, and yes… the occasional “Conan the Barbarian”. We would run around and play sword fighting, throwing pretend lightning bolts at one another, and would basically let our imaginations go nuts, taking us to strange new worlds.

These are some of my fondest memories and I hope this ragtag group of kids brings back similar memories for others. Dare to let your imagination go wild – and see where it takes you! My bets are that you’ll find others that’ll join you on this quest that is life!

– artist Julien Pilon

The Weekend Warriors WebsiteThe Weekend Warriors Instagram

Step Lightly

“Individuals in a community add to its diversity and richness. These three plants are individuals in the community of a Garry Oak ecosystem. Camas, Buttercup and Fawn lily are all important and beautiful plants on their own but together they help make up the unique and endangered Garry Oak ecosystem that is home to many plants and animals specific to only our west coast environment. Keeping all of these three individuals examples safe helps keep all the plants and animals in the ecosystem safe. Please remember when you are in one of the many Garry Oak ecosystems in Langford that you are temporarily a part of something special and important and what you do there matters, step lightly. ”

– artist Andrea Fritz

Step Lightly WebsiteStep Lightly FacebookStep Lightly Instagram

Wolf Pack

Coming Soon!

“I have always had an affinity for wolves.

With Dewolfe being a namesake of mine, they will forever represent family to me.

In this piece I exhibit a pack of coastal wolves to embody an essence of kinship, both between the people that make up our communities, and our innate communion with nature; having the cedar also symbolize the primordial wildness of the natural world that we are blessed with so close to our hearts and home.

Witnessing the city of Langford growing since the time I was a child, one aspect that has always stayed true to the core of its community is family. I want to represent the people who have helped this quaint city become what it is today.

The colours I have chosen are to bring tranquility to your mind, as calmness and time with family are things we all need in these moments following a hectic past few years of distance”

– artist Ocea Dewolfe

Ga̱labidu’ (Little Bear)

“This mural is painted to honour my Son Ga̱la-Naani Dakota Henry Taylor.
Ga̱la in my traditional Kwak’wala language translates to Grizzly Bear as he is of a bear clan maternally through his Mum’s Cree heritage and roots.

I have attempted to capture and depict in my own way his wild, rambunctious, loving nature and characteristics and have also included the colour orange as a way to honour my elders, Grandparents, many Uncles and Aunties (many of whom are residential school survivors) and next generation of youth with the statement “Every Child Matters” in hopes it may uplift the local indigenous community as we raise our children up in a cultural, loving, nurturing way on our healing journeys as we attempt to break cycles of inter generational trauma.

This piece was painted with spray paint upon Unceded Lekwungen Territory. I acknowledge the ancestors and supernatural being of this land in doing so.

Gilakasla & Klecko Klecko”

– artist Alexander Taylor-McCallum

Where the Mountains Meet the Sea

““Where the Mountains Meet the Sea” is inspired by the beauty we are surrounded by here on the West Coast of Canada on Vancouver Island BC.

I painted this contemporary looking oceanscape painting with peace, stillness and love on my mind and in my heart. The only intention and goal I have with my art work is to always create ‘feel good’ art.

I want my art to soothe peoples souls, touch their hearts and therefor I use certain colours that are known to soothe the soul and hopefully bring a little peace of mind and joy to the viewers and visitors of the Langford Station. 🤍

Much love”

– artist Deborah van Hattem-Koff

The Creation Station

The Creation Station is a bookable community arts workshop, gallery and event space designed to encourage more artistic engagement within Langford. At 40’ long and 8’ wide, the space is large enough for a class of 10 plus an instructor. Bookable by the day or by the week, it is furnished with tables and chairs as well as a sink. The sink is also used by The Langford Station’s resident artists. To hold a workshop at The Creation Station please complete the application form and submit to For a list of available workshops please visit the community events calendar.

We look forward to hosting you!

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