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City of Langford Celebrates Opening of Jordie Lunn Bike Park Clubhouse

City of Langford Celebrates Opening of Jordie Lunn Bike Park Clubhouse

(Langford, B.C.) – Today, the City of Langford celebrated the grand opening of the Jordie Lunn Bike Park Clubhouse and a new biking trail, “Out of Hand,” within the Langford Gravity Zone and Nature Trails Park. The Clubhouse is named in memory of legendary mountain biker Jordie Lunn, whose enduring legacy will continue to inspire current and future generations in the sport. The Clubhouse is the focal point of the Park and will provide a place for the community to gather for events, rent a bike, or enjoy a snack after spending the day hiking or biking.

“Our family is grateful for the legacy that the Jordie Lunn Bike Park has provided. The opening of the Clubhouse has become a perfect meeting place for the local community as well as cycling professionals and enthusiasts from all over the Island and the world. We are confident that the Jordie Lunn Bike Park will continue to thrive and provide cycling opportunities for all!” said the Lunn family.

The upper level of the Clubhouse includes office space for Cycling BC, Cycling Canada, and Nolan Riding, making it an exciting and collaborative hub for the biking community. The Clubhouse is also home to Rhino Coffee House’s second location in Langford and Broad Street Cycles, offering bike rentals, repairs, and sales.

“I want to thank and acknowledge everyone who was instrumental in building this facility, including the previous Mayor and Council who created the vision for the Clubhouse,” said Scott Goodmanson, Mayor of Langford. “This project is a notable example of the continuity between the previous and current Council to see the vision of the project through to completion. I am looking forward to seeing this new venue become a community hub and a place for friends and neighbors to connect.”

Cycling BC and Cycling Canada utilize the Park for cycling operations and programs. The Clubhouse will be instrumental in providing the space needed for coach training, hosting clinics, conducting national and para/adapted training camps, and increasing youth participation in the community through various programs.

Additionally, in partnership with the City, School District 62 uses the Clubhouse space to hold classroom sessions for the new District mountain biking program, which is currently offered to students from Belmont and Royal Bay Secondary Schools.

The Jordie Lunn Bike Park and the Gravity Zone and Nature Trails Park are growing in popularity among residents and visitors alike as it combines the elements of dirt jumping, a pump track, a skills area, and cyclocross/mountain bike trails all in one destination. The Park hosts events throughout the year, including “Langford Bikefest,” drawing close to 500 participants and more than 1,000 spectators annually. An upcoming event to watch out for is the popular bike racing event, “Live like Jordie Enduro,” which will take place in July this year. 

At the opening event today, the City also introduced “Out of Hand” the 13th biking trail within the Langford Gravity Zone and Nature Trails Park, a 462 m, volunteer-built trail with a “black diamond” downhill rating, an advanced trail for experienced riders. Despite the rating, the volunteers constructed the trail to ensure that even intermediate and novice riders can enjoy it at their own pace. The trail was built by over 100 volunteers who invested more than 1000 hours over two years to create something special and unique for the biking community.

For more information on the Jordie Lunn Bike Park and Clubhouse visit: Gravity Zone – City of Langford.



Mathieu Boucher, Chief Development Officer, Cycling Canada –

“The Jordie Lunn Clubhouse marks a significant milestone for cycling in Canada. This facility not only honours Jordie’s incredible impact on the sport but also provides a state-of-the-art venue for cyclists of all ages to train, compete and come together as a community. Cycling Canada is proud to have a space in the Clubhouse, and we are eager to see how it will enhance the development of cycling at all levels and inspire Canadians to ride!”

C.J. Young Cycling BC –

“We are thrilled to see the opening of the Jordie Lunn Clubhouse, a monumental addition to our vibrant cycling community and a testament to Jordie’s legacy. The Clubhouse will serve as a home for riders of all ages and skill levels, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and adventure that Jordie was so passionate about. It represents not only a place to gather and share our love for cycling but also a catalyst for the sport within the community. We look forward to the incredible experiences and connections that will be made here, and we are excited to see how the Clubhouse will inspire the next generation of cyclists.”

Brian Cant, Vice President, 4VI – 

“The addition of the Clubhouse to the Jordie Lunn Bike Park will bring further enhancement of this accessible and open public space,” said Brian Cant, VP, 4VI. “Langford has continued to invest in public infrastructure that invites both residents and visitors to gather and recreate, which is a key factor in successful community-led tourism.”

Courtney Ohs, Owner, Rhino Coffee House  – 

“Rhino Coffee House is thrilled to officially be open for business at our new location and grateful for the warm welcome from the Westhills community. In addition to our in-house menu, we have created an exclusive “Bike Park” menu featuring burgers, fries, kid’s meals, ice cream and more! Be sure to join us on our patio this summer for your favourite coffee beverage or maybe a cold beer. Mommy Happy Hour will be hosted every Tuesday at the Westhills location and be sure to follow us for announcements of some exciting events we have in the works!”


  • The Jordie Lunn Bike Park officially opened to the public in June 2021.
  • The Gravity Zone features a variety of trails with ranges of difficulties with breathtaking viewpoint lookouts and winding trails situated under massive tree canopies.
  • Each trail within the Park has been named by the trail building team. The newest trail “Out of Hand” has been named by the group of volunteers who worked on this project.
  • The construction of the Clubhouse was awarded to and completed by Verity Construction.

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